Enjoy this weeks wrap up and thank you all for the support from last week and your ideas for future episodes. We certainly are taking it all on board and look forward to bringing you many more episodes.

This week on the Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up, we visit Natasha’s stables and meet and greet her main horses. The stables… well… they have character, another word really for are a bit old, but they do the job of housing the main horses at night. We are in the process of building new stables, and Natasha will be showing you them soon!! 🙂

For those wanting to know more about the FREE Goal Setting Week starting next Monday the 26th of October, please visit https://www.yourgoalsettingsuccess.com and sign up in the box on the home page and you’ll be joining us all starting next week. Make 2016 Your Best Riding Year Ever!! 🙂

Happy and safe riding all 🙂