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Your Riding Success Gold Collection

Choose from our range of bridles, halters and girths. For those who like a bit of bling we have Natasha’s exclusive gold and black leather range, and for those who like to shine like a star perhaps the black and silver range will be the perfect colour to match your horse!

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Horse Accessories:

Your Riding Success has their own range of horse accessories. Currently available we have black saddle blankets perfect for dressage saddles with sheepskin padding for your horses extra comfort, as well as black Your Riding Success leg bandages with a bit of bling just to make them extra special!

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I’m A Riding Superstar Clothing Range:

If you are a Your Riding Success Fan, or you just like feeling like a Riding Superstar, when we have some extra special items of clothing for you – from leggings to t-shirts to hoodies, even kids shirts!!

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Clothing Range:

Don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about you, the rider!! We currently have beautiful Your Riding Success black and white riding tops, with… you guessed it… that extra touch of bling!

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Success Journals:

Natasha is very passionate about all things goal setting – and living your dreams! Her gold journals are created in a bullet style journal so you can customise what you put in it however you like – whether it be a diary, planner, habit tracker, financial planner,  personal journal, riding journal… or a little bit of everything! There are also templates available for ideas on how to use the journal in case you get stuck.

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Natasha is an author of 3 books – Competition Riding Success, Fearless Riding Success and Goal Setting for Success that are the perfect edition to your bookshelf or e-library! She also has a Success Journal, a Goal Setting Workbook available in editable PDF format, as well as her own personal customised diary available for you to download and print!

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