SAFELY HACKING YOUR HORSE (1st TIME OUT) – PART 2 (Thoroughbred Horses) OTTB Series

Today Mowgley goes on his first hack! Step 1 was to give him a good workout on the arena first before taking him on the hack before his big outing.

Now if you are thinking of taking your horse for a hack for the first time be sure to checkout part 1 where we prepare the horse for the hack. In order to have your safest hack there is so much preparation we have to do first to ensure safety for both the rider and the horse. You can watch that video here:

I’ll show you how to look after your horse, or in our case our OTTB Mowgley, and how to have your leader help you and make sure everything is good. And how you can even have someone help lead you who is not completely experienced!

If you’ve ever wanted to take your horse out on a hack and haven’t yet… this is a must watch to provide you with some ideas on taking out your new horse on hacks.

If you are looking for a better way to train dressage, a clearer step by step system to follow, AND looking to have more fun in your riding with faster progress.
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