What comes to your mind when I say that?

Riding is…

  • fun
  • thrilling
  • exciting
  • wonderful
  • perfect

Or is riding…

  • hard
  • scary
  • horrible
  • frustrating
  • confusing
  • alone

Or is it all those things? All at once? 🙂

For me, my riding experience when I was learning how to ride Grand Prix was a lot of list 2 and not so much many from list 1. I don’t know if any of you can relate? Learning to ride horses and be successful is hard and confusing, all of us feel that! You are not unique in your journey to be experiencing this! 

And I know all you want is to know what path you should take, you want to know the system you should follow to get the results, you want to stop doing what isn’t working and start doing what will work. You want to stop wasting time, stop feeling crap and getting crappy results – and most importantly, you want to stop doing it all alone. 

It’s hard this riding thing, you work hard, you give it all you have, and mostly you are doing it alone, no one else ‘gets’ it, no one else knows how much it hurts when you have a setback, no one else really champions you, and is there for you to celebrate your successes.

I know where you have been and I hated it. It was such a lonely, frustrating, sad time for me and it doesn’t have to be! It can be fun and exhilarating and wonderful! You just need to know the way.

So I have created a new Dream Team program. This program is based a lot more on support and education on the riding. It’s a program where you will know step by step what you have to do next to get results. It won’t be a guess anymore. Every month you will have a strategy and a plan to keep moving forwards to get the results you want. And the whole time you will be in a group of like-minded people who are the same level riding as you so you are familiar with the problems you are facing, and you can support and champion each other together, to get results and move up the riding levels. You will also have access to me – a Grand Prix rider – to help you where you are stuck, and also show you the way with riding demos of why and exactly how to apply the different aids, and explain exactly how you ride different movements and aids like the half halt.

I know the Dream Team might not be for everyone. For some of you it might not be the right time, right person or the right message. But for some of you, now might just be the time to do something different, to get a different result and propel you forward to success.

If so email me at info@yourridingsucess.com – tell me more, and we will let you know how you can be a part of the success Dream Team!

To Your Success,

Natasha Althoff Signature


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