FearLESS Friday Ep84

Hey, Fearless Superstars! Today I’m going to answer the question – First Time Cantering After a Bad Fall (Jess’s Story)

One more canter then I want you to change rein across the diagonal, give me a flying change to the left. Why not? So at X, you’re going to half-halt on the right rein, move your right leg back and ask for the change to the left. Half-halt, you’re going to have to shorten your reins.

There’s some people that have never felt that and that just, I just can’t go to sleep at night. It really, really bothers me that they’ve never felt that or they’re like you, they know it exists, but they can’t find their way back.

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Natasha Althoff

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Natasha:              Part, I don’t know what part we’re up to… The ride. That’s what, what part we’re up to. How are we feeling Jess?

Jess:                      The ‘F-word’ has disappeared, and has been replaced with the ‘N-word’.

Natasha:              What’s the N word?

Jess:                      Nerves.

Natasha:              Nerves! Sorry. So we’re not some, we’re not, we don’t have F, we just have nerves. Okay, cool. I know you can drop him. We’ve got him. Thank you.

Natasha:              ‘Ello Bubba.

Natasha:              So what are you feeling?

Jess:                      It’s a day. I’m getting on.

Natasha:              Yeah, but what are you feeling? What’s going on?

Jess:                      Butterflies.

Natasha:              So no water.

Jess:                      No puddle, the puddle gone.

Natasha:              The puddle is gone, but they’ve been replaced as they tend to be with butterflies. What color are the butterflies?

Jess:                      They’re multicolored.

Natasha:              Multicolored?

Jess:                      Just to be different?

Natasha:              Are they Brown, ugly moths? Or are they be you to full blue, purple, silver, gold, amazing butterflies?

Jess:                      I Feel like they’re everything. They’re a mix of all of it.

Natasha:              Well can we get rid of the Brown ones? I don’t like the Brown moths. They scare me. Can you just go in there and just yet get rid of the Brown ones?

Jess:                      All right, pretty ones then.

Natasha:              Nice, only pretty ones left. And what are they doing?

Jess:                      They’re relaxing.

Natasha:              And they’re just flying around? Is there flowers for them?

Jess:                      No?

Natasha:              No wonder they’re flying around. Do you reckon we could put some flowers in there for them?

Jess:                      Sure.

Natasha:              What’s your favorite flower?

Jess:                      Roses.

Natasha:              Oh nice. What color?

Jess:                      Yellow ones.

Natasha:              Okay, do you think just yellow roses for them?

Jess:                      Oh, better give him a red one too.

Natasha:              Nice. Cool. So let’s check yellow and red in there. What are they doing now?

Jess:                      They’re relaxing. They’re settling down.

Natasha:              Are they just eating?

Jess:                      They’re chilling?

Natasha:              A little nectar, yeah. Cool. All right. And how do you feel now?

Jess:                      I feel like they are good.

Natasha:              And what are you feeling here?

Jess:                      It’s fuzzy and warm, but it feels a little bit fiery. If that makes sense. Like it feels like they’re ready to burst.

Natasha:              Wow. They’re that ready to show you that you’ve, that they’ve got you and that you’ve got this there that ready?

Jess:                      Yep.

Natasha:              Wow. Okay. I like that. Just checking. What’s going on in here? What pictures have you got?

Jess:                      I keep thinking of Lacy and his ears.

Natasha:              Great. And how big can you see his ears and how big can you see that smile.

Jess:                      They’re huge. They’re huge.

Natasha:              So definitely close your eyes, that’s what you see.?

Jess:                      Yep.

Natasha:              Okay. Really I want you to focus on Lacy’s smile.

Jess:                      Okay.

Natasha:              Really think about Lacy. Think about that smile. How do you feel?

Jess:                      Good.

Natasha:              All right, good. Let’s get on. Have some fun. Huh?

Natasha:              Up to the top?

Jess:                      Role?

Natasha:              Oh they are up to the top. One roll up two?

Jess:                      I think it’s two rolls and then second hole.

Natasha:              Wow.

Jess:                      Yeah, I know.

Natasha:              Short ass. Oh yeah, did we work out if you’re over five foot or not yet?

Jess:                      No, we’re not over five foot.

Natasha:              I like not yet, it might happen.

Jess:                      I wish it would happen. That would be amazing.

Natasha:              All right. Try that.

Natasha:              Hey, wild thing.

Natasha:              Can you just remind me, how old is he?

Jess:                      18 or 19?

Natasha:              He’s 19. It’s about 10/20.

Jess:                      Oh no. Oh boy. You’re going to look after me, right? Yeah.

Natasha:              I think he might.

Jess:                      You look after everyone, who are we kidding.

Jess:                      I’ve got to move this back there So my short ass can get in. I really am short.

Natasha:              How do they feel? They look even.

Jess:                      They feel good.

Natasha:              Cool. All right. So when you’re ready, let’s just walk around me, 20 meter circle. I want you to focus on a 20 minute circle. Do you know how to ride a 20 minute circle?

Jess:                      It’s a wonky one. I haven’t managed to go home yet.

Natasha:              I hope not. Okay, so the, the what you need to focus on in 20 meter circle is two meters in from P and V, you’ve got to hit the center line. The minute you hit the center line, stare at B. Now I just want – B is over there. B for Bob, yes. Stare down B. I need you to have tunnel vision. It’s only about B. And then as you thread that needle and hit B, stare down the center line two meters before F and R. Stare it down and literally think that you’ve got to walk through a tunnel where that goes. Yep.

Natasha:              And stare down E. While you’re staring down, so don’t not do that. I want you to keep thinking about thread the needle, thread the needle; there’s four points to thread the needle. I.

Natasha:              just want you to loosen your own five centimeters.

Natasha:              We’ll get back to the training in a second. I just wanted to remind you if you’re loving this video and make sure to subscribe, and leave me a comment on how this video has helped and your biggest learning so far.

Natasha:              Yep, loosen. Let those reins go, okay. Yes. Good. If you you were you really considering not listening to me there and not doing that and I thought well, if she does that, I’m just going to take the reins off the bit and then let her have some fun. So thank you for listening to me and agreeing to do that. Great, keep threading that needle.

Natasha:              So your only job up there is to do two things: check that you’re seeing the ears and Lacy’s smile. Check that your butterflies are still eating your roses, and keep threading the needle. It’s your only job.

Natasha:              So you literally just go, ears, Lacy, butterflies eating, give with my hand, thread the needle. Ears, Lacy’s face, how are my butterfly’s doing? Make sure the eating, thread the needle.

Natasha:              Very good. How are you doing?

Jess:                      Good. Really good. A lot better than I expected

Jess:                      The butterflies have much all shut up.

Natasha:              Well they’re eating, now they’re just going to have a sleep. They’re like me. I run around like crazy, then you feed me and then I go to sleep.

Natasha:              Okay, so when you’re ready, we’re going to change the rein on an open 20 meter circle. So you’re going to last thread the needle two meters before P and V on the center line, and then you’re going to peel off and do a 20 meter circle at the top part of the arena. So you’re going to thread the needle four meters before F. Then hit I then four meters after K and then hit two meters passed P and V on the center line.

Natasha:              Keep focusing on that.

Natasha:              Your brain is a pretty cool creature, all by itself. It can’t do a million things at once, as much as we’d like to think that it can. So when you give it clear focus points, when you tell it your only job here is to look. So your eyes need to look at the markers and say where you need to go and your body has to make sure that you hit those markers. Plus we won’t worry about the butterflies now cause they’re asleep. So now we’re just going to go see the horses ears, Lacy’s face thread my needle. See the horses ears, Lacy’s face, thread the needle.

Natasha:              I would assume it doesn’t look like we have a challenge anymore.

Jess:                      No.

Natasha:              So you’re ready to trot?

Jess:                      Sure

Natasha:              Did your challenge just come back?

Jess:                      Yep. Little bit.

Natasha:              So. When I use the T word trot or the C word canter; what comes up? The butterflies wake up? Or what happens, does suddenly your pictures disappear and you start showing yourself the wrong pictures. What’s going on?

Jess:                      The pictures are still there. We are okay on that one. I’m trying not to let them go, but the butterflies kind of go, Hey, what was that word? That’s different. That wasn’t, that’s not the same as what we’re doing.

Natasha:              So you know that feeling? Do you remember when you were five, and you were about to wake up for Christmas morning? Like it was Christmas night? How did you feel in your stomach the night before Christmas day?

Jess:                      How’d that feel in my stomach? Tell me.

Jess:                      well I’m going to presume I would have been excited.

Natasha:              And how to excited feel?

Jess:                      Like electric, like electricity. Like there’s a buzz. So instead of butterflies it’s kind of more like bees, because they buzz. And they sit there annoying you.

Natasha:              So let’s have some bees instead of some butterflies.

Jess:                      Oh God. Okay.

Natasha:              You’re excited now.

Jess:                      A little bit.

Natasha:              It has to be, if you decide to tell your brain that this is excitement; because actually for most people excitement and new feeling is exactly the same.

Natasha:              It’s called funny tummy.

Jess:                      Oh really?

Natasha:              So I tell Danica when she’s thinking, going oh, I’m scared to do this or, I’m scared to do that. I’m like, Oh, you’ve got funny tummy, and we draw a smiley face on her tummy and we say it’s okay to have funny Tummy. Funny tummy means that you’re really excited and looking forward to doing something.

Jess:                      Yep. Okay,

Natasha:              so when you’re ready. Three, two, one trot.

Natasha:              Kick.

Natasha:              Kick.

Natasha:              You asked for trot. Yep, thread the needle. Yeah, so it’s time to be the rider. We asked for trot, so we’re going to be demanding that the horse keeps a trot rhythm.

Natasha:              One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two.

Natasha:              I need you to have a metronome in your head.

Natasha:              One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two.

Natasha:              That’s all your brain needs to keep saying to yourself.

Natasha:              One, two. How am I feeling? Don’t care. One, two, one, two, one, two. What else should I think about? Should I show myself bad things? No. One, two, one, two, one, two.

Natasha:              That’s all you need to be focusing on.

Natasha:              Good. You let me know if you need to stop because of things moving and yet appendix is moved or God knows otherwise. Just enjoy. You’re at the gym right now. You just need to keep going up, down, up, down and trotting for a really long time. Yeah. To start building those muscles.

Natasha:              I want you to think about stretching. We don’t have the longest legs in the world, so we’re going to use what God gave us, and I want you to stretch that leg down long. I want you to pretend I’m going to grab your leg and I’m going to pull your heel all the way to the ground, because if I can get you to five foot, you’re going to win $1 million.

Natasha:              So, let’s try and stretch ourselves to five foot. So get that heel down and turn your toe in. Good. Then keep your elbows, kind of think about bringing your shoulder blades back and nestling your elbows in that bit just above your hips.

Natasha:              Yes. So keep your elbows by your side. Very nice. Good. And you’re doing a great job keeping him straight, because he’s very stiff and doesn’t like to go straight. So how you opened up that outside rein was absolutely perfect. Good. And then when you don’t need to use your reins, keep him straight. I want you to carry your two hands and put your thumbs on top.

Natasha:              Good job. How you feeling?

Jess:                      [inaudible 00:11:47].

Natasha:              One, two indeed. When you’re ready, I want you to change the rein again in front – No, no, no resting unless you need to stop. Remember your safe word, I don’t remember it.

Jess:                      Word.

Natasha:              Good. 20 meter turn left. And we’re going to start going on our circle between B and E again. So B, 2 meters before S, A 2 meters before V.

Natasha:              Good. And we’re focusing on one, two, one, two, one, two. And obviously we’re changed the rein, so he’s going to find, he’s going to either want to zoom out of the circle or he’s going to want to fall in. We want to fix that as well. We want to have our thumbs on top. We want to carry our two glasses of champagne. I want to stretch your legs down.

Natasha:              Good. How’s your body feeling in terms of physically?

Jess:                      I feel fine.

Natasha:              Great.

Jess:                      The saddle on the other hand is killing the knees.

Natasha:              Okay.

Jess:                      I feel like I need to lengthen my stirrups.

Natasha:              Okay. Do you want to do that?

Jess:                      Can we try it?

Natasha:              Yeah, that’s absolutely fine.

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