Hi Superstar riders!

I am currently In Africa – Botswana to be exact so I am writing this before I leave.

With the Olympics starting in two days, let me check in …. How you doin?!?!?!? 🙂

What I mean by that is … Have you got your dream/vision/big fat hairy audacious goal sorted?!?!?!?

Believe me, EVERY single competitor at the Olympic games is doing an amazing thing …..

Do you know what it is??? …

Yes – they are representing their country

Yes – for some they are winning gold medals

BUT ALL OF THEM ARE REALSING A DREAM, they have actualised their goal of competing at the Olympics

Pretty cool huh!!!!

I love watching the opening ceremony! I don’t think you see a place with THAT many people SMILING THAT MUCH!!!!

It’s wonderful to see! And I love the spirit of the Olympic games, the pushing to be greater, the camaraderie, the striving for BEST IN THE FREAKING WORLD!!!!!!!!

Awesome!!! God I am so pumped, and I’m not even there!!!!!! 🙂

 So for you! I hope you realise EVERY single competitor there … has paid a price ….

  • Once upon a time they were crap at their sport
  • Once upon a time they failed … once, twice, a million times!
  • Once upon a time the had to make sacrifice
  • Once upon a time they had to launch out of their comfort zone
  • Once upon a time they cried
  • Once upon a time they struggled
  • Once upon a time they thought about giving up
  • Once upon a time they doubted if it was all worth it
  • Once upon a time it got hard
  • Once upon a time they got hurt

AND EVERY SINGLE F%^KING TIME … they got up and trained again the next day!!!!!!!

Are you willing to do that? Are you willing to pay the price?

I hope so!!!!! What an amazing journey to be had!!!! Wouldn’t you agree?

Love to hear your thoughts!

To Your Success!!!

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