Hi superstar riders! 🙂

I have been riding at the Princess Nathalie clinic yesterday and today and thought it might be helpful to you to share my learnings so far…

  1. Connection with the outside rein is critical, and the horse must step straight into it and not escape through the shoulder.
  2. Half halt on one rein.
  3. Your body must go with the horse. Don’t sit too still, plonk with the horse to keep the energy and engagement.
  4. The horse must learn to balance and sit by himself, you have to be able to half halt and soften and the horse can stay in balance and not run away.
  5. Sit back more on your tailbone, especially on a strong horse, because if the horse can pull you forward then you can’t be effective.
  6. In the changes you want to be able to soften the new inside rein to help the change be more expressive. The horse must stay in balance while you do this.
  7. Control is so important – don’t let the horse take charge! You need to be able to control and influence each stride
    • i.e. 1/2 pass make the stride bigger or shorter, make the angle sharper or shallower
    • The pirouette two small steps then bigger so the horse doesn’t take charge and just spin
  8. Make sure you are sitting in the saddle the whole time – don’t let the horse change your position.
  9. Don’t move the horses head, just move the bit in his mouth
  10.  Get used to doing less and the horse doing more.

To Your Success,

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Natasha Althoff

P.S. I would love to hear how this has helped in your extraordinary journey!

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