How do you get beautiful walk-trot and trot-walk transitions?

Welcome to this weeks episode of Dressage Mastery TV. This week Natasha’s belly has grown yet again, and quite significantly! 37 weeks and we are all counting, so close to having her baby boy and then back into it without a baby in the belly.

This week we have picked a small clip from her dressage mastery program on walk-trot and trot-walk transitions. It’s an important skill to master. Listen as Natasha explains why and how to do perfect walk to trot and trot to walk transitions on her Grand Prix Friesian dressage stallion Ebony Park Abe.

It’s Natasha’s Birthday!!! To celebrate she is giving anyone who signs up to Dressage Mastery by Sunday 11th of August 2015 a FREE copy of her Competition Riding Success book. Sign up today, Month 1 is only $1AUD. Happy Birthday Tash 🙂

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