On The Seventh Day of Christmas Your Riding Success Gave To Me…

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Your 12 Days of Christmas Have Been Reopened for 48 Hours (see countdown above for how long you have left for this Christmas gift)

Dressage Reloaded is a sister program to our Dressage Mastery Academy. While Dressage Mastery Academy works through all of the movements separately as a dressage horse works through the levels, Dressage Reloaded is all about training your horse, in REAL TIME.

Dressage Reloaded is only normally available to Dressage Mastery Academy members – it is not advertised on our website as a separate program. 

However, getting into the Christmas Spirit, we would like to give you one of the videos from the first month of Dressage Reloaded, so that you can see what a training session looks like with one of our horses, and that it’s not easy all the time – it takes hard work and persistence, but it’s worth it!!

Enjoy and have a fabulous day!