Riding Without Stirrups To Improve Your Seat

Hey Superstar, we are about to discuss riding without stirrups to improve your seat!

This is a sneak peek of a lesson normally only given to members of Dressage Mastery – the gorgeous Grace was filmed riding Abe in a lesson working on her seat!

I find that taking away the stirrups really makes your rely on your balance and your core to stay in the saddle, and it means that you can feel what the horse is doing underneath you more!

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I’d love to hear from you how you go and what strategies you use improve your seat – do you take away the stirrups?

Offer as much details as possible in your reply – your story might just help someone else have a breakthrough in their riding journey!

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Natasha Althoff

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Hey Dressage Superstars!! Welcome to Dressage Mastery TV.

I wanted to share with something that share with you, something that normally only my dressage mastery members get to see. And that’s me giving a lesson. So occasionally I teach and occasionally, well actually, for the last six months I’ve had the honor and privilege to be coaching a wonderful, gorgeous woman called Grace. And I want to share with you a bit of a lesson that I did with her because it’s got a lot of things in it that might resonate with you as well. And if I can help you in your journey to getting whatever results you want to in your dressage, that would be an honor for me.

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You’ve got your criteria. So whether you are on this Grand Prix horse, you’re on your horse at home, you’re on a different horse…
Step one is my horse straight? So are the hind legs following the front legs and is the nose in the middle of the chest.
Step two is the horse’s head down? Is it on the vertical?

Step three is the horse forward and traveling through his body?

Good job, really good. Across the diagonal change rein. Go through your check list. So you had him deep, you had him round, you had him straight. Then you did a really woeful turn onto the diagonal, bit of a disaster – lost your straightness, lost the contact, lost the forward.

So your job is to keep all of those things. Yeah. You’ve lost it. Yeah. Make him go deeper. That’s it. Deeper. Shorten your reins. Deeper. Get him to drop his nose. Yes. That’s it. Yes. Kick him when he does that. Yeah. Good job. Much better Grace. Keep the straightness. So keeping the straightness is easier on this side, which is why he’s more forward on this side. And then K X M across the diagonal. One, change, just use your seat.

Forward – gallop for a little bit. Then collect for a little bit and then pop the change. Good. Then the trot transition. Trot trot. Slow Trot, trot, rhythm, roundness, rhythm, roundness, rhythm, roundness. Good. Have a walk. So when you’re ready, we’re just going to do one can to walk on each side because that’s all you need to do to show me perfection.


Sit back. Just because you got stirrups back doesn’t mean – did you feel yourself pitch forward? Yeah. So that same sitting trot belt of abs back needs to be turned on. Yeah, you’ll see it in the video. Your whole position changed when you just actually braced you back. Good. Now collect the canter. Three, two, one. Sit.

Nailed it!