Winners Are Not People Who Never Fail But People Who Never Quit 

Monday Minute Motivation Ep140

Winners and not people who never fail. They are people that never quit.

How many of you have quit something in your riding. Maybe you wanted to work on some canter walk transitions and move up to elementary or second level, but it got hard. You weren’t getting the results – you were coming last in all your dressage tests, so you quit. How many of you have a thought you wanted to get to Prix St George or thought you wanted to go to Grand Prix and then let everyone talk you out of it and let you believe that you weren’t capable of achieving your dreams – so you quit.

Winners are not people that have failures. Winners are people that don’t quit? This is something I instill into my children all the time. You can say I’m always happy all the time or I’m always successful all the time, because I believe I’m successful all the time.
Now you’ll look at me and go, but you’re not. You come last. You make mistakes. You you get things wrong. Things break, things don’t work. Believe me, my world does not work. Lots of things go wrong. Lots of times I’m not operating at my best, blah, blah blah, but because I don’t call them failures, because I call everything a learning opportunity, because I’m always looking to be a better version of myself… I understand all the problems all the challenges and the issues are there to help me grow, be better and get it to the next level so therefore I’m always successful.

I’m always learning. I love my learning process pretty much all the time. I still cry. I still get frustrated. I still hate it. Right now I’m doing a lot in my riding and I’m saying to my coach, I really hate you. Like, do you know how much I love you and how much I hate you at the exact same time because I’m in a real learning deficit. I’m like freaking out, I just need to do this, this, this, this, this with my body to get this result and I’m not able to deliver that outcome because I’m not quick enough and I don’t know enough and I’m a little bit slow, but that’s the learning journey!

Just remember – you didn’t learn how to walk just like that, so you’re not going to learn or master anything in your riding just like that. So this week in your riding I want you to celebrate your successes. I want you to celebrate you and remember what are your successes? It’s you not quitting. It’s you’re not giving up. Everyone always says, well, how do you become successful? I just go, you outlive and outtry and outperform and out last everyone else.

The only reason I’m a Grand Prix dressage rider is because I was more persistent, more determined, and more committed than everyone else. I have that in spades. I don’t have riding talent. I don’t have super long legs. I don’t have this amazing Olympic Grand Prix horse that was given to me when I was three years old when I first started learning how to ride.

I didn’t have a know this amazing coach that sat in my corner and taught me for every minute of every time I rode. I didn’t have that, but I had persistence, commitment, dedication to getting to where I wanted to go no matter what. So it didn’t matter when it got hard, it didn’t matter when I failed, it didn’t matter what it all made no sense. It didn’t matter when I was crying my eyes out thinking I couldn’t do it. None of that mattered because I was going on until. So trust that helps you guys this week. Have a great week and I’ll see you next time!