Every Success Is Usually An Admission Ticket To A New Set Of Decisions

Monday Minute Motivation Ep138

Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm by Winston Churchill.

If you can get this. This is going to be awesome for your riding. Most people define the success in their riding as blue ribbon or not; got a certain percentage or not; moved up a level or not; and therefore if there is no blue ribbon, if there is no moving up a level and there is no percentage gained, there’s a huge feeling of demotivation.

There’s a huge feeling of wanting to give up.

There’s a huge feeling of what’s the point.

There’s a huge feeling of disappointment.

Swap that all around and change success only means – all I have to do to be successful is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. What if that’s how I define success?

I have a three and a nearly five year old child and both of them have posters in their bedroom with the things they have to do every single day in order to get their pocket money. Now, every single day they need to tick that have failed.

So I’ve done a little bit different to them. I haven’t told them success equals moving from failure to failure. I’ve literally told them they need to file at something today. They need to go and do something and not be able to do it and that to me is to be celebrated. So if you’d went to try a trot canter transition and it went badly. Awesome. That’s brilliant. That’s great. Why? Because you learned, you learned what didn’t work and you had a go and you’re going to have another go tomorrow based on other people that go, well, I can’t do a trot canter transition so therefore I’m not going to do it or I can’t do it well, so therefore I’m going to wait and just hope that one day I can do it well without practicing or without trying.

Trying is the success. So I tell my kids if they try, they succeeded, because all they have to do is try, try, try, try again, and then they will succeed. And it’s in keeping that joy in the trying. It’s keeping that there is no meaning to the failure or to the not being able to get it right away because there isn’t. There is a huge pride and huge success to be taken from standing up and giving it another go, you know, knock me down. I’m going to come up again. Knock me down. I’m coming up again. That success not focusing on “Yeah, but you got hit” – You’re going to get hit. You’re going to make mistakes when you ride, you’re going to fail. You’re going to come last at competitions. How you come back from them, how you learned from them, how you progress from them, and how you make yourself better from them… that’s what I deem and how I class people that are successful.

Speak to any successful person, a successful rider, any successful business person doesn’t matter what they are. They’re going to have a list a mile long of all the failures and all the disappointments and all the muckups they made in order to get to this pinnacle that you see now.

Everyone has their own journey and I just hope in your riding journey for this week, could you please be enthusiastic from your failure to failure and deem that to be your successful week this week.

Have a great week and I’ll see you next time. If you need more help in how to persist and how to keep going when things get hard, I would love to invite you into my goal mastery program. At the moment, you can trial week 1 of the program for just $1, so click on the link below and check it out.