Life Is Short

“Life Is Short.”

Happy New Year!!! Well – happy New Year’s eve!! Are you ready to embark on 2019?

What are you going to do with the time you have left? Because the time will pass anyway!

The only thing that determines how extraordinary our life is and what the life we can look at when we’re 80 – depends on now.

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Natasha Althoff

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Hey Success Academy superstars, welcome to Monday Motivation.

Today’s quote is “Life is short”.

Happy New Year!! Well… last day of the year, however that works out. So, how you doing? Are you ready to embark on 2019? So life is short. Full stop. Is the quote today. And literally, that’s it. Life is short. Full Stop.

On average we might get 4,000 weeks, only 4,000 weeks. What do you do with those 4,000? And that’s from zero to 80. So if your 40, you’ve only got 2,000 weeks left, what does that mean? If you are 40 and you’re going to live to 80 that’s only – get this 40 more winters, 40 more summers, 40 more Christmases, 40 more new years.

What are you going to do with it? Because I guarantee you the time will pass. The time will pass anyway.

The only thing that determines how extraordinary our life is and what the life we can look at when we’re 80, if, whether or not we’re happy with it or not, whether or not we go – that was the funnest, most extraordinary most uplifting, most loving, most rich, exciting 80 years that I ever got to experience on this earth. Awesome. Or if we just go – kind of glad it’s over. Whether or not we’re having those two discussions when we’re 80 – depends on now.

Life is short, so what are your goals for 2019? Post them below. If you need help, learning to understand your goals, getting clarity on your goals. If you need help, actually actioning your goals so you’ve got a pure set of goals. You always have a pure set of goals, but by the time you get to February, March, you just procrastinate and you don’t work towards your goals. Or if you have your goals and you don’t really procrastinate that much, but you don’t know how to balance it all and you don’t know how to time manage and find more hours in the day to go after your goals.

Check out my web class. The web class answers those three things for you. It gives you sound strategies to overcome those three things so you can get and experience the most extraordinary results in 2019. Happy New Year. Have an amazing night and check out that link if you want 2019 to be epic.

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