Do you make mistakes? … Often?

I do!!!! 🙂

Heaps!!!!! 🙂

But I am ok with that!

I didn’t use to be!!!

I used to despise that I would make mistakes! I thought it was inexcusable. I wanted to learn how to ride without stuffing up, without confusing me or my horse, without making any kind of mistake.

Now I know that is impossible – Mistakes are how I learn. Mistakes are how I learn…

Mistakes are awesome!!!! 🙂

I guess I’m talking about the mistakes you make when you don’t know any better.

What about the mistakes you make when you do know better?

The mistake to not ride even though you have a competition coming up, and you know you should…

The mistake to rush your transition and not really prepare, because you just want to get the ride done with…

The mistake to not worry about accuracy or high standards…

They are harder to reconcile, because you should have known better, you have learned to do better, and you were failing yourself by not following through.

Those mistakes hurt a bit more. 

But I use that feeling to vow to never make the mistake again. Because mistakes are awesome … unless you don’t learn anything from them. Then they are … MISTAKES!!! 

So I urge all of you to make a million mistakes today! Go nuts!!! But also be a learning machine!!!! Learn all you can, and enjoy those mistakes as stepping stones to success!!!!

To Your Success!!!

Natasha Althoff Signature


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