Hey Riding Superstars!!!!!!! It’s only ONE WEEK until Christmas – can’t believe how fast the year has flown!! 🙂

How was 2012 for you? I know this time every year, I probably write something about looking back over the year and celebrating the successes with your goals and looking at the goals you didn’t achieve and gaining the learnings from them…

So I trust that’s what you are doing and enjoying the process. Today I wanted to write about making 2013 even more extraordinary for you. I know you all work every day to make your life and your riding extraordinary, so I wanted to create this 8 point checklist for you to follow, to make sure you stay on track.

1. Every day counts.

You get 365 days next year. That’s 365 days to hit your goals and take action. If you take out weekends, that now leaves you with 261 days. So how will you make each day count? What are your major goals that simply have to happen? You need to build energy and momentum towards your goals so you don’t let days and weeks go past, and you stop taking action. Then you are tempted to say I’ll try again next month, or even next year. NO! There is no next time, or later… or perhaps after summer! There is only ever present moments of NOW!!!! 🙂

2. Time Management.

Become an expert in time management. There is a quote – “Don’t major in minor things”. I have a post-it note on my computer that says – “Is what you are doing RIGHT NOW the BEST thing you could be doing to get you closer to your goals and dream life?” Your biggest asset is your time. Remember – people talk about saving time – but that is impossible. Time cannot be saved. Only spent differently. So make sure you spend your time wisely, and invest it in activities that will bring you closer to your goals being realised.

3. Education.

You are doing the best with what you know – to do better, you need to learn more. It’s that simple. I am committed to being a long-time learner. I LOVE to learn and grow, and constantly challenge myself to being the best example of me I can be. To improve and get goals that you have never achieved before, you need to learn and embrace new things to take your results to the next level. People that don’t invest in themselves and their educations, are doomed to repeat the same mistakes and get the same results they have always received.

4. Step out of your comfort zone.

Change is uncomfortable. I know that. But it’s this factor that will determine your success… or not. Your ability to change and push yourself out of your comfort zone will dictate how much more success you will have. Think of starting an exercise routine – it’s uncomfortable, your muscles are sore and you feel like you can’t breathe… but you keep going and doing it – 30 days later you feel great, and you can run 2km without a bleep in your breathing. We are extremely adaptable, so use that to your advantage and realise whatever feels uncomfortable now, won’t be like that in 30 days – so keep going

5. Environment.

Your environment needs to be supportive and encouraging of you achieving your goals. If you want to eat healthily and lose weight, and your friends and family want to catch up for dinner at McDonalds and dessert at the cheesecake shop every night… you are going to struggle. When you set goals this year, make sure you think about if you need to change your environment to make sure they come true. I make sure I hang out with friends that support what I do and what I believe in. I also have to limit the contact I have with certain people, as they don’t really understand me and will hold me back if I choose to listen to their map of the world.

6. Discipline.

No one enjoys doing things all the time. My husband has exercised every morning, 7 days a week, Christmas, Holidays, Sick, Raining… whatever has come up, he gets up and exercises. Now I ask him, do you feel like it all the time? He says no, it’s not about what I feel. I just do it. You need to channel Nike! Just do it. I think of it this way. If I am prepared to do what others aren’t, I will get results that others can’t. It is your choice. It is your life… What life do you want to have?

7. Be true to you – don’t let others, or more importantly yourself talk yourself out of what you want.

You can’t let anyone, or anything stand in your way! You must fully believe and commit to your goals. If you don’t, people will talk you out of it, or life itself will happen and you will start to think you can’t, rather than you can. I am unapologetically uncompromising and committed to what I want. Others can label it however they want, they can think what they want, but that is their business. I only get one life, and I am determined to make it the best life I can. I will not stay small to allow others to feel ok.

8. Be ok with mistakes and no progress.

In your quest for you goals, you will make mistakes, take steps backward, make no progress and generally feel like what is the point, it’s all too hard, and you are not getting anywhere. Guess what… I guarantee this will happen!!!! So what are you going to do about it? Keep going? Of give up like 99% of the rest of the population. As one of my favourite quotes from the movie A League of Their Own says “It’s meant to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great”. Your life. Your choice. But when it gets hard, dig in, don’t give up.

To Your Success,

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Natasha Althoff

P.S. Love to hear how this has helped in your riding journey!! 🙂

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