Thursday 7/06/2012

Hi Riding Superstars!!!! 🙂

People often ask why I use the word superstar when I address you guys in my blog… the answer is simple… anyone who is committed to developing their education, learnings and growth to riding horses… IS a SUPERSTAR!!! … I don’t know if you know this… but riding horses is CHALLENGING!!!! 🙂 And the more you commit to greatness, and the more you want to be the best at it, the more CHALLENGING it becomes!!!!! So anyone on this journey IS a superstar, for getting up every day and trying that one time more. 

The reason I write the above, is because Loes and I went to a competition last week. Loes is my rider at my Friesian stud, and rides the young horses for me. She and I were all prepped to do amazing tests last week! … Instead she and I went home and ate pizza and celebrated our magnificent learning experiences!!!! :):):):)

For me, Abe just got really strong at the start of the test and tense. He took over completely and the first half of the test was ridiculously, hilariously bad! However, in the canter work we recovered and I was happier with the work. So yay for me! Got to learn how to ride Abe when he is hot and tense, so if he gets like that again, I can do some things differently to get him under control, and back working with me a lot quicker than I did last week, as now I have had the learnings 🙂

For Loes, she needs to learn how to keep a more connected outside rein, especially the right rein. It’s challenging, and frustrating, and as she says “I understand the logic, but my body won’t do it!” Ya ha!!!! Welcome to the world of dressage! 🙂 But another Yay! As a month from now, 6 months from now, a year from now, she will be SUCH a better rider because of making herself be better.

So enjoy your journeys and commitment to learning! I trust you are having Yay moments all the time!!! 🙂

To Your Success,

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