How do you make sure you keep your stirrups in the canter? Natasha answers a question from one of her members in this weeks episode of Dressage Mastery TV!

This is Part 2 of a 2 part series on how to keep your stirrups when riding. So how do you sit to the canter? When cantering you come out of the saddle slightly and this is the time when you can lose your stirrups. And that ‘s not a good position to be in cantering with no stirrups if you don’t want to be.

In this episode Natasha explains how to position yourself so that your stirrups are firmly under your feet throughout the entire canter. Most people make the mistake of gripping tightly with their legs when in fact you must do the opposite. Enjoy the third part of this mini series.

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Until next week, happy and safe riding 🙂

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