How To Sit Still In The Canter

Hey Superstar, we are about to discuss how to sit still in the canter!

The first thing is use your abdominal muscles!

Then you need to make sure your ankles step down on the one beat. So the canter is a three beat movement, and you use your ankles as your shock absorber.

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Natasha Althoff

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Hey riding superstars!! Welcome to training with Tash Tuesday. My Name is Natasha Althoff and I’m a Grand Prix Dressage rider from Australia and this gorgeous horse is my ex Grand Prix Horse Abe. I’d like to thank Ally who leases him for letting me have a sit on him.

Everyone was asking about what he was doing, so I thought I’d do a couple of training videos with him and he’s not so happy about having me onboard. Hey, didn’t you miss me? Okay. So today’s question is from Jules and she said, how do you sit still in the canter?
I think that’s a really cool question because when I used to canter, I used to – Sorry, I’m just – Who does the this? When your shoulders move without you telling them to and you’ve just fully splitting in the middle and you kind of move like this and you’re going, this doesn’t look pretty, this isn’t how the professionals do it. So how do you sit still?

How do you sit straight and centred and tall. The first thing is abs. You have got to have your belly button into spine. You’ve got to do some kind of pilates class and work out how to activate your core. Now this doesn’t mean that you have like you’re tensing your stomach the whole time around, but there needs to be a level of engagement so when the horse throws you around – so you can see, when I totally relax the horses momentum, it’s making me do this. So I need to counteract that. I need to counteract that with some abs and some seat.

Then I need to make sure my ankles step down on the one beat. So the canter is a three beat movement. So all the time my ankles go one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one with the horse beat. Um, that’s my shock absorber. Make sure that I don’t then start going. one, one, one, it comes down through my legs so I’ve got to keep my legs long. So think that someone’s pulling your helmet to the sky and heels to the ground.

So I trust that helps – just keep practicing. So I also go when people can’t do sitting trot and when they can’t canter, they then stop sitting trot or they stop cantering. It’s only going to get better when you do it. So really feel I just used to keep on imagining that this big giant was pulling my helmet to the sky and was pulling my legs down to the ground and I just kept stretch up, stretch down. Because in canter we tend to do a little bit of this. So stretch up, stretch down, keep your shoulders back, get really, really strong back. And think about rubbing your blackboard up against a wall, don’t let your back kind of concave like that or collapse like that. Keep your spine very, very straight and think you, you had written, um, where you would hit a million dollars on a blackboard and you didn’t want anyone to see it, so you were just rubbing that blackboard out with you back so no one could see what you had written. Um, if you keep those things in mind your canter will really, really improve.

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