How do you stop your horse from falling in on a 20m circle?

Watch and enjoy as you get to see up close what Natasha does with her hands from the GoPro video, as she rides her young German warmblood mare Gretchen.

I don’t know if you have ever had this happen to you – have you ever had your horse feel like a motorbike where it keeps dropping its shoulder and falling in on a 20m circle (or on any circle for that matter!).

If you are training your horse to the German Training Scale, you know you need to have straightness, so how do you make sure that your horse is straight and doesn’t fall in on the circle and make the circle get smaller and smaller and smaller.

It’s all about the horse knowing that when you put a leg on (just one) that the horse needs to move away from your leg. If the horse is falling in, put your inside leg on and the horse will move away from the leg and out of the circle. You also need to make sure you give with your outside rein so that the horse can move that way.

Hope that makes sense and enjoy the video!

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