Thursday 26/04/2012

Hi Fabulous Fantastic Riders!! 🙂

Jim Rohn says, “At the end of each day, you should play back the tapes of your performance. The results should either applaud you or prod you”

Good advice there Jimmy 🙂

Every day I like to ask myself – what is my plan today, to make today an amazing day? Not an ok day, not an average day, not a day like any other that you sleepwalk through, and you can’t remember it the next day… What would make it an extraordinary day? How many ecstatic moments can I have? What will I do today that will be memorable or significant to me, or to the lives of others?

That can contrast with how many start their day with the question – how can I get through today? Most people get up, breakfast, work, home, ride, dinner, tv, sleep. There is nothing wrong with that, but within breakfast there can be an amazing breakfast with the family, there can be fun and adventure at work, as well as exciting challenges and results, then the joy of riding your horse regardless of how the ride went is an ecstatic moment, then dinner with loved ones, laughing, love! So much to get out of the day! 🙂

I wish for you to use every moment to get the most out of every day! 

To Your Success for This Extraordinary Day,

Natasha Althoff Signature


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