Welcome to this weeks episode of Dressage Mastery TV- How to do walk to canter transitions

FINALLY, there is only 1 week left until I am due to have her baby! And then the great news for you is that I will be back in the saddle really soon and answering all of your questions again!

Since I am not currently riding, I decided to answer a question that we have been asked a few times, by giving a lesson to Montana on one of our young horses, Zorro. It is all about how to improve and master walk to canter transitions.

It’s one of many videos to come on transitions as I teach a rider how to do it. You’ll learn what to watch out for, how to prepare and what to do.

We hope you enjoy this video and learn lots from this lesson.

Until next week, happy and safe riding 🙂

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I can’t wait to support you in your dressage journey!!

To Your Dressage Success,

Natasha Althoff