Wednesday 19/09/2012

My best friend and I have a kind of code when we speak. One of our codes is, when she or I are facing huge challenge, we will just say… “need a shovel”, and the reply will be like – “no worries – ready to dig!?”

We call our challenge “stuck in a hole”. Have you ever been there?!?!? So deep in your challenge that you can’t see out, and you don’t know how to get out of it? So by us asking each other for a shovel means three things:

1.     We are acknowledging the challenge.

2.     We are addressing the challenge.

3.     We are committed to creating change around the challenge.

Challenge is a part of life – we are tested and pushed and asked to step up every day. The right way to handle that challenge is to dig. Dig deep, ask for help if you need, and generally step up and learn the lesson.

Have you ever had the same challenge over and over again? We can’t move forward or progress until we have learned our lessons. If we don’t solve the challenge, we are doomed to repeat it.

So in your riding, make sure you are not hiding away from challenge. Perhaps you know your canter transition is sticky – so you only do one transition a day, maybe you know your leg yield needs work, but you only train it once a day.


Face your challenge – get your shovel and DIG! If it’s your canter transition – do 20 each day until they are off the seat, smooth and seamless, if it’s your leg yield, do 10 a day, every day, until you float across the arena.

Whatever your challenge, I hope you are ready to dig yourself out and learn the lesson!!!! 🙂

To Your Success!

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p.s –  To read more about how to help yourself dig yourself out of a hole and overcome your challenge click here if you are a member.

p.p.s. – Love to hear how this has helped in your riding journey! 🙂