I am preparing for Your Riding Success’s FIRST Health and Fitness Workshop this weekend! This means writing the manual, scripting the times, exercises, songs and activities… organizing not only myself, but my amazing crew and partner in this workshop Craig. There are lists for everything that need to be checked – and double checked – to make sure the whole event runs smoothly, and the participants have EVERY need covered, and have an incredible, amazing time. I also need to do my personal preparation for the event, which is to present to the walls at least two times, the entire event in real time, so that I can deliver the content and serve the room to the absolute best of my ability.

As I showed the work I had done, someone asked me – why was I doing all of this? All this work for one event? Am I going to do another one? I’m not sure, so they couldn’t understand why I would put in 100’s of hours into something that I might never do again.

The answer to that is passion. I LOVE doing what I do! I love presenting, and putting content together and events together that can change lives. I love to do my best, and demand not just a good performance, but an exemplary performance. When you are doing what you love, you never work a day in your life. It’s the same as in riding. I LOVE to ride! It is my pure joy! If I can’t do it, I feel very unfulfilled – it literally is ‘in my blood’ and something I think I will always do until the day I die, at least in some capacity.

So I hope all of you are following your passion and doing what you love!!!!! Remember – that’s where your energy comes from!! 🙂

To Your Success!!!

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