Thursday 19/04/2012

I have been having an absolute blast learning new words at What I really love about it, is it gets you thinking about the other meanings you have for words

For instance one of the questions was

Docket means:-

  1. The calendar of the court
  2. A worthless message
  3. An explanation or critical interpretation
  4. A disparaging remark

To me a docket means a piece of paper with a list of what you have purchased. None of those options are there though!

So I think ok – well I don’t know what the calendar of the court is – so might be that.

No docket is ever worthless – it always has critical info on it.

Never heard of it being a way to explain or interpret something… and I have never heard someone saying he made a docket referring to he made a disparaging remark!

So I conclude 1 – the calendar of the court and weeee… I’m right! Phil says I’m just guessing – but it is an educated guess! And guess what – horse riding is the same!

Normally the response you should give to a horse when he does something is mixed. It’s like the docket question, you know one answer to the question, but that answer is not one of your choices, same as in my riding, even this week when I was riding a new, young horse – he needed to go forward, but every time I asked him to go forward with my legs and/or whip his head came up, so an inflexible rider looking for the answer that they know keeps running that strategy, but I knew it was useless to give the answer I knew – I had to give the answer the horse gave me, so I tried my voice and it worked really well! 

Next time you are training, remember that! The answer might not be the answer you are used to it being. There are other answers and meanings to words you don’t know of yet, so feel free to experiment and play with the best answer for your horse at the right time.

To Your Success,

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