Thursday 29/03/2012

Hello super riders!!! 

Hope you have had a sensationally amazing week!!! 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, I went and competed at Dressage with the Stars last week in the Grand Prix CDI.

I was pumped! I knew we had to be … oh, about 20 times better than I had ever been before, I needed to get all my movements, keep him up, and engaged and soft and smooth, and I needed to make it look easy, effortless, harmonious and graceful.

Hmmmmm… so that meant I had to be… oh about 100 times better than I had been before to get Abe to where we needed to be in the test!

So that meant I had some work to do! And off to work I went! I spent about 4 hours the night before visualising the test, then next morning I sat in the car – alone – and did another 4 hours of visualising and self talk…

This meant by the time I was meant to go warm up for the test I was so relaxed, so excited, so ready and so prepared… and guess what it felt INCREDIBLE!!!!! :):):):)

Was the test the winning test? … No 🙂

What the test even good enough to get into the Kur? …. No 🙂 

Was the test mistake free? …. No 🙂

But was it fun? Yes! 

Was is it easy? Yes! 

Was I riding my best and my horse doing his best? Yes! 

I can honestly say hand on heart, that we did the best test we could do for 1.27pm Friday 23rd March 2012… Can we do a better test – yes of course!!!! Definitely! But every time you put that test together it is different! And like I said for that time (1.27pm!), under those conditions, that’s the best we could come up with for that day… Yes we can do better! We can do much better! Especially at home!!!! :):) But it’s not about that, it’s about how you do at the time, in front of those judges, in that environment.

So all good! 🙂 Remember how I measure is success is not on the score, or the place or even the test. It’s how I did!!!! Let me say that again …


That means – was I there for my horse, was I smart enough to change something mid stride if something wasn’t working, was I quick enough to catch a mistake before it happens, was I good enough to keep him in front of the leg, was I clever enough, composed enough, happy enough and there for my horse to help him? And most importantly was I feeling love and joy! Remember I ride horses because I LOVE IT! So I want to be having fun out there.

And as for the result, well we scored a 57.149% we placed 11th which wasn’t last, and no, it wasn’t first either. And because it wasn’t a 58%, we didn’t qualify for the Kur, which was a shame as we wanted to dance for the crowd on Saturday night! But like I said – regardless of all that, I was still happy with the way I rode, and I love my super horse who tries his heart out for me, and loves me, and does his best with what he knows.

To all of you I wish you success in your riding journeys!!! 🙂

To Your Success,

Natasha Althoff Signature


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