We are another week closer to the reveal of our revamped website. This week Tash shares with you what’s coming your way! We are all super excited and working like crazy to get it all together.

In this episode Tash reveals to you the different levels of membership that you can be involved with in the future. We are confident that there is something there for everyone!

The length of videos is something that is definitely increasing which means more value and more benefit for you. In particular we are super excited about the Dressage Insider Membership. We listened to all of your input and you said you wanted to watch Tash riding more. To be essentially a fly on the wall in her training stables and arena.

In this level you will get to watch her riding on the arena unfiltered and unedited where she trains her horses. At the end of the ride she will discuss with you what she was doing, thinking and why. These are much longer videos and we are sure you will get so much value from this.


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Happy and safe riding all  🙂