Hi Riding Superstar!!!!!!!

I trust you are well and having a wonderful December!!!!!

I had the MOST amazing time last weekend hanging out with top achievers and taking the time to set goals and plan to make 2015 the best riding year yet!!!

It can be hard to put into words all that I do in the weekend but the feedback was extraordinary and I am so proud of all the brave superstars that took the time and effort to work out what was important and make themselves accountable to create a more rich extraordinary life and riding experience.

I wanted to give you a quick insider look into the weekend so here is couple of minutes from day 2 talking about changing course.

Check it out below!

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To Your Success,

Natasha Althoff

“I really want to thank Natasha for last weekend. I feel so focused like my mind is in a tunnel and the only way out is the light at the end which is obviously my goals. I’m usually a positive and motivated person but I’m working on a whole other level now lol honestly thanks from the bottom of my heart for being such an inspiration!”

– Brooke (member of Goalsetting for Riding Success Mastery Program 2015)