So there I was 1pm last Friday explaining to the hairdresser I wanted a change! … But I love my long hair, and didn’t want to cut it all off. We decided on a side fringe, which would require me to part my hair on the side. For 31 years I have had my hair parted in the middle. Now I was ok with the change, hair cut, part done. But no one told my hair it had to stay sitting to the side. My hair had other ideas about the change. My hair wanted to go back to parting in the middle no matter what cut it had just had!!

Do you ever have that? One part of you is ready for and accepts the change, but the other part of you keeps standing in your way? That was my fringe!

So I had to do food shopping after that… I am walking through Fountain Gate, blowing at my hair which keeps falling into my eye and quite frankly blinding me and getting VERY frustrated about the whole thing!!! Mumbling to myself I shouldn’t have done it, now I am going to be blind, and ahhh… just f^&king stay to the side stupid hair!!!!! I ring my gorgeous husband Phil, who is quite used to me when I am going a little crazy with frustration – and complain that I can’t see, my hair won’t stay and f^&k OWWW! Now I just rolled the trolley over my foot because I couldn’t see!!!!! For the next two hours I only had one hand as the other hand kept pulling back and holding my fringe in place to the side. Clips became my new best friend, and I really wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision.

Craig and I at the Health & Fitness follow up over the weekend… with hair behaving!

The next day I woke up and voila, hair had adapted. It was now sitting to the side off my eye, and looking quite pretty if I say so myself! 🙂

It doesn’t look tidy here because I had been jumping around during the Health & Fitness Workshop follow up – but it is behaving much better!!

So how does this help you with your riding?

Well I am not sure, but I could guess you may have had a riding session in the past, perhaps a lesson when a coach has told you to do something new. And you did it, and it was a disaster! The horse went so much worse, you felt uncomfortable and it was just s^&t!!!! 🙂 But you kept going with it and all of a sudden you adapted to the change and the horse and you went so much better!!!! 🙂

Isn’t that interesting?!!?! 🙂

To Your Success!

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