Perspective :)

Got to love it! Today I was talking with Phil, and we were laughing about bins. I don’t know how it goes in your household, but there is always a discussion of who will put the bin out, and when does it need to go out … and don’t we love it when you are all warm and cuddly on the sofa and it’s pouring rain outside, it’s 10pm, and you have forgotten to put the bin out! And in your head you are calculating how much rubbish you will make this week, and if you can make it without having to take it out etc… or maybe that’s just us!!! :) We were laughing because he and I both grew up in the suburbs, so to put the bin out was literally a 10 step walk. Now Phil and I live on a property, and it is more like a 100 step walk… we think – what were we complaining about when we were in the suburbs?!

What has this got to do with riding? Well, do you remember when you were learning to ride and all you wanted to do was ride around the arena in walk, trot, canter and not fall off! But now you are concerned with the head, and is the horse active enough, and through enough and are your toes in. Sometimes we got so lost on the path we are on, we forget to look back and see how far we have come. I was training Abe recently and I was swearing about how my 15 ones weren’t big and expressive enough… and Phil said “Jesus Natasha! Do you remember 6 months ago you would have a party, get off and run around like you won the lottery just to get 15 ones!!! … haha!!! Oh yeah! Perspective!!! :)

You see – we all want to be better, and we all are driving and pushing hard to constantly improve and advance on our learning’s and results from previously. But sometimes you need to take a step back and realise how far you have come and just smile a little bit!!! You’ve done well!!!!! :) :):):)


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