Sorry for the blog being late today! We have been waiting for the results of my competition and what can I say! My bad for relying on something that is outside of my controil!!! 🙂

We still haven’t got the scores – so how about I go with I won all my classes?!?!? Whatever the placings I was stoked!!! So enjoy!!! 🙂

On Sunday I packed up the truck with my two stallions to compete. Abe and I were pumped about doing our second Grand Prix of our lives! … And I wasn’t even thinking about it! All my focus was on my younger stallion Jorrit who was going out in the Novice.

Jorrit needs me to be at my best – well actually both horses do. If they don’t perform its because I have let them down. Maybe in the warm, up maybe in the test, maybe at home. But somewhere along the line I have #$%^ed up, and I need to learn from that and be better.

So Jorrit was first up – and well let me explain about Jorrit. When Jorrit is having a good day – the world is a fabulous place! When Jorrit is having an off day, the world is dark and hard!  ….. SO interesting language there isn’t it?!!?!? What I realised …. only on the Friday night/Saturday morning before the Sunday comp… was if Jorrit is bad – then what am I doing to create that? Of course my ego kicks in and says nothing, it’s not your fault, it’s the horse, it’s too hard, he’s really hard to ride… etc etc etc. But with the legendary Jim Rohn’s voice in my head – “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better”… I decided to ride Jorrit with a different head.

On Friday he was not listening, doing what he wanted, every stride was a struggle! And I mean STRUGGLE. I was working so hard up there and getting NOTHING. But when I reflected back later, I had to ask – what was I thinking?

Well I was thinking this is hard, I was thinking how hard the horse is, I was thinking how much I didn’t like to ride him, and hated that he didn’t listen to me or acknowledge I was even on his back.

Hmmm… so with those thoughts – what did I create?

So on Saturday I said regardless of how he is – regardless of whether he is listening or not, or working well or not, I will only be filled with love and light and loving how GOOD and BRILLIANT and EASY this horse is! I kept that in my focus, and as I began to trot …. OMG! Talk about the most effortlesss, easy, nice, lovely brilliant ride he had ever given me in my life!

WHAT?! How did that happen? How did he go from devil child to angel child in one ride, how can one ride be so hard, and the next so damn easy – I literally sat there and did nothing but think trot or canter and it was done. My only answer is that he didn’t change – only I did – and by changing me, this HAD to change the horse.

I don’t have the definitive answer, but I think it’s really spooky!!!! If I change my mind about how the ride will be, and how my horse will be – it changes!!!! Now that is so easy to say – not so easy to do. You have a wealth of evidence telling you your horse is one way – maybe he is tense, hard, lazy, stupid, slow, fried in his head, scared, weird, etc …. and here’s me saying no – just believe he is easy, just believe he is perfect. All very zen like and sounds like a crock of s$%t!!!!!! 🙂

I agree! I’m with you! BUT …. don’t knock it until you try it!!!!

I would love to hear how it goes for you!!!!

To You Success,


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