Hello fabulous rider!

How are we?

Right now we are in the middle of Winter and isn’t it FANTASTIC!!!!!! 🙂

Hmmm … I am being deafened by your reply of YES SUPER BRILLIANT, etc! 🙂

The fact is Winter is a great time for hot chocolates, skiing, and mmmm… not much else.

I am always challenged in winter. But I wanted to share my favourite strategy to deal with it …. I remind myself that this too will pass. That’s it! I know it’s not ground breaking, but it really does work!

You have to remember Summer – warm, sunny, long days, then the days get shorter and the nights colder and we are in Autumn, this too does not last, then we are in winter, it’s cold, its dark, but then the days get longer, the days get warmer and all of a sudden we are in Spring, and what a great time, foals being born and enjoying the sunshine again and all of a sudden we are in summer again!

Life is not stationary. We are always transitioning, just like the seasons, just like day to night, that’s what I constantly remind myself, NOTHING lasts forever. Everything always changes, and that’s what you need to remember in winter. The days will get longer, and they will get warmer, the sun will come back and things will dry out. That is what I remind myelf when winter is being its beautiful self! 🙂

To your success,

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