Fix Your Leg Position With These Super Exercises

Hey Superstar, we are about to discuss some super exercises to fix your leg position!

Flexibility in your legs and hips is really important when you are riding, because most people tend to ride with their toes out – which means the back of your leg and calf is in contact with the horse. This is especially an issue when you start using spurs, as you will be spurring the horse the whole time!

It’s just as important to work on your own suppleness as it is to work on your horses suppleness and flexibility!

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I’d love to hear from you how you go and what techniques you use to keep yourself supple and flexible!

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Natasha Althoff

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Tash: Hi Dressage Superstars, welcome to Tuesday train with Tash. We have the superstar Georgia. Thank you Georgia. And before Georgia gets on, we’ve been working on Georgia’s position, so I thought it would be cool to just show you some of the stretches and some of the important things you need to have, um, to be an awesome superstar dressage rider. So one thing I just said to her before was can you do this without falling over? And she’s got pretty good flexibility. So being able to turn I guess you legs in good. But what did you say? This leg hurts more?
Georgia: And my left leg I turn my, I’m put the weight on the outside more and then when I put the weight on the inside my knee hurts and then in my right leg I feel like I can turn that forever.
Tash: Yeah. Cool. So you can see mine seem pretty even. I don’t, I’m the only reason I’m not turning the more innings, I think I will fall over. So that’s one exercise that you want to do just to be able… because obviously most people when they ride the horse ride like this, they arrive with the back of their legs, and obviously then if you’ve got spurs on you are going to be spurring the horse every stride, so you’ve really got to be able to have that your leg hangs exactly like this, which means they’ve got to have a little bit of an inner thing. Exactly, good.
Tash: So then another cool exercise – we’re going to get sandy Georgia – is, you want to be able to have soft hips, I guess it’s called Phil? You’re the personal trainer. So again, what you want to be able to do is. So if you stand that side of me. Yeah. And then on one like yes go down. And we’re going to go down on this leg. Oops. And we are going to push the knee out like that. Cool. And then can you go down to the ground like that?
Tash: Sandy? Cool. Now where do you feel that?
Georgia: Here.
Tash: Yeah. And you want to be able to know that you can come completely down. Good. Can you come to that?
Georgia: No
Tash: Cool. Um, so that’s something you want to be able to do on both legs as well and be able to know that you’ve got that flexibility. I’m so glad we watered the sand today. You want to know that you’ve got that flexibility in those hips, which means that, and you can rotate from the hip to keep – so some people go, oh, okay, well I can do all this, but the hips are kind of locked out here. They’re not very supple, so you’ve got to be able to know that you can do – thanks buddy – you know, these kinds of hip circles and just have a lot of flexibility in your hips, which means that everything will be soft and supple. Yeah. So if you want more videos like this, subscribe to our you tube channel and I’d love for you to post some comments if there’s any questions or get a conversation going. If there’s anything I can do to help you guys, have a great day. I’ll see you soon. Bye.