Hello Wonderful People!!!!

I am now in Zambia, hopefully getting licked on the face by a cheetah! That sounds weird … but that’s what the brochure said, so fingers crossed!

Yes – if anyone is wondering … I am a cat person! 🙂

So how are the Olympics going? I trust you are inspired!!!!! 🙂

To find inspiration for this blog I went searching and came across this ….

 “Stop searching the world for treasure, the real treasure is in yourself.” – Pablo Valle

I LOVE this!!!

Take your time to read it, and answer … what does it mean to you?

What is your definition of treasure?

I know we will all have something different in our minds.

Some will think of money, jewels and gold…

Some will think of love, friendship and family…

Some will think of safety, certainty and happiness…

There is no right or wrong!

We all want things. External things. Whether it is a 4 carat diamond ring, someone to love us or a pink private jet … or is the last one just me? 🙂 But we really don’t want those things … we want what those things will give us. Certainty, safety, happiness, love, acceptance, etc… What the quote is saying to me, is that I have all those things already. Because they are things I can give myself.

I urge all of you to give yourself unconditional love. To realise you are strong, capable and powerful beyond measure. That you are the key that unlocks all the treasure you desire… just unlock you and go for it!!!!! 🙂

To Your Success!!!

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