FearLESS Riders Unite | Are You Scared To Ride Your Horse?

I am very excited to announce the launch of a brand new, free-to-join Facebook group that I have created, called FearLESS Riders Unite!!

We are on a mission to end riding fear around the world!

No matter your riding discipline or if you’re a leisure rider, this safe group is for you. We will be posting heaps of updates and live sessions in a fun environment with like-minded people who are all on a FearLESS journey.

Make sure you check out a couple of my live videos (below) to start you on your way to FearLESS Riding!

What to do if you are scared to ride your horse – introduction to FearLESS Riders Unite!!

What to do if you are scared to canter

You are so ready to be FearLESS!!!

Click on button below to join the FearLESS Riders Unite Facebook group and start overcoming your fear now!