Podcast Episode 49: Jenny Gehrke | What You Don't Know Yet

Love this episode? Make sure you leave us a review! In this podcast, we speak with Jenny Gehrke. Jenny is an Australian FEI Rider, Coach and Trainer at Riverside Equestrian Centre. She has been a specialist in the industry for over 25 years and has previously held her spot on the Australian National Dressage Squad.

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1:10 - Getting started in horses

  • 2:55 - Getting into Dressage
  • 6:15 - Day in the life of Jenny
  • 7:32 - Training with different horses
  • 8:36 - Setting goals with Senator Nymphenburg
  • 12:35 - Training with her coach
  • 14:05 - How to train and coach your own way
  • 29:20 - Takeaways with a Dorothee Schneider Masterclass
  • 37:29 -Training philosophies
  • 41:32 - Career Highlights
  • 43:17 - Advice for riders getting started in their riding journey
  • 45:42 - Sponsors
  • 47:40 - Where to find Jenny for coaching
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