Podcast Episode 46: Judy Reynolds - Ireland's Success Story

Love this episode? Make sure you leave us a review! In this podcast, we speak with Judy Reynolds. Judy is Irelands most successful dressage rider and holds the Irish international records for Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, and the Freestyle to music. Judy has represented Ireland at multiple major championships including 2 FEI World Cup Finals and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio where Judy became the first Irish rider to qualify for the final. Judy is based in Germany, where she has trained for many years and has some big goals for the future.

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1:03 - Journey into horses
3:50 - Shifting to dressage
5:50 - Future career plans
7:30 - Overseas training
9:10 - Comfort zones
12:01 - Next level training in Germany
16:04 - Goal Setting
22:00 - Back to dressage
31:37 - Balancing normal life and horses
33:54 - Olympics and Major Championships
45:33 - Eyes forward to Tokyo Olympics
53:08 - Management of JB
55:50 - Day in the life of Judy
58:38 - Training Methods
1:00:59 - Dreaming and Forward Planning
1:04:14 - Secrets to Success
1:04:35 - Sponsors
1:10:00 - Follow Judy on Social Media

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