The Four Most Powerful Emotions that you can use to create change!


I always talk about emotions, and how we must channel them and make sure they don’t affect us and our riding. But there is also a very cool way to use emotions to create change.

The special thing about us humans is that we have emotions, and the key is not to suppress or hide these emotions, just use them to create the results we want.

Some powerful emotions of change are:

1. Disgust

I know! Doesn’t sound like a very powerful emotion! Definitely not a positive one. But this is a very powerful emotion to cause us to take action, and go towards success.

Perhaps you have known yourself or someone you know – when you hit ‘rock bottom’ when something happens that is the straw that breaks the camels back, and you say ENOUGH – this has to stop. This has to change. When a person gets to that point, there is nothing you can to stop that person. It is a very pain-motivated decision. As humans we do either one of two things – move toward pleasure, or away from pain. This is a huge ‘moving away from’ motivation. But it is very powerful. My job as a coach is to stack the pain. When I am coaching, I use everything I can to show my client how much pain they are in, and how by making this choice, they are causing pain for themselves, and perhaps their family.

So what do you need to become really disgusted about? Maybe you have just had enough of not having good canter transitions and it MUST change. Maybe you have had enough of being fearful jumping, and must change it. Whatever it is RAISE your standards so you are disgusted with anything less than this high standard you have set for yourself. And use that energy and motivation to create change!

2. Decision

Have you ever agonised over a decision? Pondered the positive and the negative, wondered what the right choice is? Asked all your friends and neighbours what they would do. Arrrgggghhhhh! I HATE that because however long it takes to make the decision, means you won’t do anything until you make the decision.

Question – there are 6 frogs on a lily pad. One thinks about jumping off. How many frogs are on the lily pad?

If you answered 6, then well done! If you answered 5, you need to realise the frog only ‘thought’ about jumping … he didn’t actually jump!

Thinking doesn’t count! I mean yes, you need to think and design a strategy for success, but then you need to make a decision and take action on that decision!

So make your decision – there is power in decisions. Think back to the last time you made a decision. Do you remember the peace, and then the power that came with following through on that decision. Even if it was the wrong one, it doesn’t matter – because you had actually made it! And you just make another one if it is wrong. But staying in indecision… Argh no power or change there!

I see riders suffering from indecision more than anything else. I think the top riders are the ones that make decisions quickly and more often. They just decide and get on with it, there is no second guessing or worrying about it.

3. Desire

What a powerful emotion! Anyone who knows the desire for a chocolate cake with fudge icing – when you are dieting – knows the power of desire! What I love about desire, is that it comes from internal but is triggered by external. You may be not even thinking about food, and you walk past a bakery, and all you can obsess about is the pink donut! Or a song triggers a memory and you desire something. Meeting up with an old friends, and hearing about their success can trigger your desire.

You are looking for something to trigger your “I want it now” switch. Not the “that would be nice” switch – but the “I must have it NOW” switch. Because then you will do whatever it takes to get it! 🙂

So what do you desire in your riding? What do you want more than ANYTHING? I desire that gold medal so much I will go through all sorts of pain and heartache to get it! Why? Again, the idea of the pleasure gained, is worth to me the pain I go through. So what do you want? Is it a burning desire?

4. Resolve.

Have you ever met someone who says I will. Not I will try, I will give it my best shot… just pure and simple I WILL.

The mountain climber who says I don’t care how steep it is, I don’t care how treacherous it is, I don’t care what I encounter, what weather turns against me, and what obstacles stand in my way… I will conquer that mountain or die trying.

Who stands in the way of that? There is so much power from having such a resolve. When I do a pre-interview to see if I will work with a client. One of my questions is – how much do you want to create change around this challenge? If they say… a bit. I don’t work with them. If they say… I must change this or my life is not worth living, I say rock on let’s get to work!

So now I ask you – how willing are you and how far will you go to work towards your dreams? What is your resolve for getting your results? What is your “I will” in your riding? For me it is and always will be “I will win Gold at the Olympics”. What is yours?

To creating the life and riding of your dreams and on your terms!

To Your Success,

Natasha Althoff Signature