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Why Dressage Mastery Is Right For You…

I am so excited for you, because I know this could be the very turning point in your riding.

Dressage Mastery Academy: Your Complete Guide From Basics to Grand Prix (or anywhere in between). It’s like having your very own Grand Prix dressage expert hold your hand and guide you every ride. Showing you all the ‘tips and tricks’ and costly mistakes to avoid. Ultimately transforming you… taking you to the next level!


Some of the lessons you will learn in Dressage Mastery Basics include

  • The little known secret that more and more riders are discovering to finally give clarity to their riding. (You’ll discover the power of the unique Riding success scale and why pairing this with the German training scale gives powerful results)
  • How keeping your seat independent of the horse is essential for maintaining your horse’s rhythm. (Do this right and you’ll be able to maintain a steady rhythm and your training will progress so much quicker)
  • The number 1 exercise you can start doing next ride that will fast-track your way to a professional balanced seat. (This is the quickest and most effective way to improving your balance)
  • And a whole lot more…

I wanted to add even more value for you! So as part of my Easter offer you will also receive…

Bonus #1: VIP Membership To Dressage Insider

Dressage Insider is the membership program delivering you weekly videos that takes you behind the scenes into my riding and learnings and also what happens at the stables, covering topics that you’ll find educational and useful for you and your horse.

You’ll receive additional training videos of me riding my horses. I’ll share with you my latest learnings and how you can use these in your riding to give you the edge.

Value $29/month (Yours FREE!)

Bonus #2: Live Q & A With Natasha

Join in the discussions with me as we jump into quarterly live Q & A sessions. Post your questions live or send them in before the session and I will answer them in detail. This is your chance to have your very own question answered live by me.

These have been valuable when riders are having a challenge with their horse or certain parts of the program. It’s another excuse to hang out and learn some great things.

Value $29/month (Yours FREE!)

Bonus #3: Private Dressage Mastery Community

You’ll be part of the interactive, supportive, motivational and fun Dressage Mastery Facebook community. 

Surround yourself with other riding superstars around the world as you share your riding experiences, learnings and results.

Value $29/month (Yours FREE!)


Bonus #4: Monthly Riding Challenge

Discover the the #1 must do riding challenge each month that I love to give that will dramatically improve your dressage. These fun challenges have already been taken up by hundreds of riders who are loving them.

Regardless of your horse you ride or how long you have ridden you’ll be able to participate in these challenges. Then share your experience with everyone in the private group. We love supporting, assistance and celebrating your improvements!!


Value $19/month (Yours FREE!)

So what would it mean to achieve your dressage dreams?

Here’s what one of our members has to say about Dressage Mastery Academy…

“Hi Natasha, and The Team!!! OMG!  This is such an awesome resource!  I have been going to dressage lessons and clinics and comps and going around in circles thinking “really, what are those judges looking for? what am I really doing here?” I have had dressage coaches talk to me about the German training scale, and I have looked at it myself too, and I have been none the wiser!  But having read Natasha’s explanation of the German dressage scale – well – I’m a changed person. I just “get it” now!  I understand why judges have been giving me poor marks in dressage tests.  I know where my pony is going wrong – whether I can actually train my pony to be good at dressage is another matter.  But I now “know” that I can train my horse to be good at dressage – he has more talent for dressage. I just want to say “THANK YOU” for putting together all this information, for explaining it, and for putting so much thought into it – how to phrase it and what questions to answer.  It is just brilliantly put together, brilliantly thought through and brilliantly explained.  Just LOVE IT! I’m jumping up and down with joy over here! THANKS!” – Ania Bodeit  

Why Competition Mastery Is Right For You…

Are nerves affecting your competitions and your results? Are you uncertain about what to do at competition? Are you afraid of the what if’s that competitions bring? Such as: how is your horse going to react? Are you going to remember you test? What are the judges going to say? Competitions can be an area of complete uncertainty, but what if it didn’t have to be this way?

In Competition Mastery I will be your guide every step of the way from getting ready for your competition and preparing you and your horse for competing to getting the most out of your dressage test, having fun and getting the results you and your horse deserve!


Inside the Competition Mastery program you will…

  • Score 5-10% higher in your tests as a result of implementing your new skills, learnings and techniques
  • Progress in your competition journey, moving through the levels as you take the learnings from each competition to create and advanced plan to work on between competitions. This will ensure you progress and ultimately work up through the levels
  • Never worry about the ‘what if’s’ and the uncertainties that competition brings, because you’ll have the tools and techniques to handle it
  • Love competing and ultimately fall back in love with your horse, your horse riding, dressage and your competition journey

So what would it mean to achieve your big riding goals and dreams?

Here’s what one of our members had to say about Competition Mastery…

“Natasha helped give me the drive to compete after my cancer journey.

She was able to give me a purpose and how to structure what I needed to do to achieve this.

Then there were the goals to achieve in my dressage test and what I set myself to aim for at the competition.

She uses her ow experiences to help you and has a lot to offer.”

– Shauleen

Why FearLESS Mastery Is Right For You…

I know what it’s like to have fear hold you back and have it paralyze you from taking action. The good news is it doesn’t have to be like this.

You can have the riding you want if you really want to and are ready to create change.

FearLESS Mastery is a revolutionary online training program that guides you step by step from fearful to FearLESS in a fun and life changing way. You’ll never feel alone again on your path to confident riding as I’ll hold your hand each step of way.

What makes FearLESS Riding Success unique and relevant to you is that it is created by a rider for riders.


Inside the FearLESS Mastery program you will…

  • Reveal the 6 questions you’ll need to answer to put you on the first step to overcoming fear. (Discover how to create a your dream vision with this series of carefully created questions. At the end of this, you’ll be excited for the direction you are heading and what is awaiting you)
  • Learn how to work out what fear is for you. (Horse riding is a great metaphor for life. Horses and horse riding are a mirror of what is going on in your life. Sounds crazy… but let me explain)
  • Discover how to start breaking down your fear and finding out what it really is. (You’ll be amazed to know that what most riders think is the fear is not the real fear. We will start digging deeper into this and working out what it is at the core level. What is the real fear!)
  • Uncover what boundary conditions are and why this is holding you back from knowing really why the fear exists. (When you understand that these are like roadblocks it will help you understand how to look further into your fear and crushing it once and for all)

I wanted to add even more value for you! So as part of my Easter offer you will also receive…

Bonus #1: MP3 Audio of the program

Download and learn wherever and whenever you want by having me (your coach) in your ear. I go through each technique covered in the program in detail, as well as giving you live coaching examples which you can also download and listen to. Overcome any fear, anytime!!

These have been valuable for the riding community when they are having a challenge with their horse or certain parts of the program.

Value $29 (Yours FREE!)

Bonus #2: Surprise BONUS

Part 1 of FearLESS Riding Success just got bigger!! I was feeling super generous this Easter and I wanted to give you an extra bonus that my fearless members have been requesting!! Once you access your Easter Hamper and FearLESS Riding Success Part 1, you will discover this extra special bonus!

Value $19 (Yours FREE!)

So what would it mean to achieve your big riding goals and dreams?

Here’s what one of our members has to say about FearLESS Mastery…

“I AM NO LONGER SCARED!!!!!  I didn’t really believe you when you promised this would happen but I am ever so grateful (tears welling) to your course as it has been a very tough year and I seriously thought of giving up riding more than once.  

It has been one of the biggest struggles I have ever had but you have kept me focused, and given me direction, the facebook group has been a great support and I am loving my riding as much if not more than I ever have.  

To prove I am now fearless, I went on a big ride on Saturday and he took objection to something and spun around and I tipped off. But got back on and carried on without even thinking about it, and jumped a biggish log on the way home.

Even my attitude to my stuff ups has turned around and I enjoyed my day rather than thinking how badly I did.”

 – Nicki

Why Goal Mastery Is Right For You…

I am so excited for you, as you are on the cusp of embarking on a journey that will change your riding and your life. Goal Mastery will have you creating, writing and achieving the goals you’ve always wanted in your riding.

Time and time again, members of Goal Setting Mastery have shown that they stay committed and focused and achieve more than other riders on their own.

This carefully crafted 12 week course will guide you on a journey where you’ll learn the tools and techniques you need to achieve your goals and stay on track!


Inside the Goal Mastery program you will…

  • Discover how to truly live an extraordinary life…(There are 7-10 life priorities that all need to be focused on and kept in balance. Get this balance out of whack and it can be disastrous)
  • Learn how you can have hours more each week to spend with your horse without upsetting your other priorities like your work or family… (We all know that we can sometimes feel guilty for seeing and riding our horse! I’ll show you how you can have many more hours every week to enjoy your horse time and still keep everyone else happy!!)
  • Discover how you can achieve more goals in your riding this year than the previous 3 combined!…(I’ll show the strategies and techniques that elite sportsman and business people use to excel in their lives and put them at the top)
  • Learn why our environment and who we hangout with is key to succeeding in both our riding and our lives…(This often overlooked step is fundamental in your success. Who is our support network? Are they like-minded like us? Get this right, and it makes achieving those big goals so much easier)

I wanted to add even more value for you! So as part of my Easter offer you will also receive…

Bonus #1: The “Create Your Dream Life” Workbook:

At 220 pages, this complete workbook will have you thinking about goals in all areas of you life as well as riding. Members in previous years were paying $79 alone for this workbook BUT it is FREE for you when you invest in the Goal Setting Success Mastery Program. This workbook goes into detail in each important area in your life, assisting you to create a balanced and fulfilling life where you achieve meaningful goals. The thought provoking questions will have you excited about the future. They’ll have you in deep thought and many breakthroughs have been made by riders in just filling out this workbook.

Value $79 (Yours FREE!)

So what would it mean to achieve your big riding goals and dreams?

Here’s what one of our members had to say about Goal Setting Success Mastery…

“You have helped my husband and I more than you could imagine. We were heading in an unhappy direction and struggling to find time to enjoy ourselves, each other, our kids and our hobbies…. So because of your goal setting program we re-evaluated our lives and have decided that instead of building our house right now, we are taking our 4 kids, buying a yacht in Europe and sailing the world for 18 months!  

With your kick up our butts we sold our house last Christmas, bought 10 acres, built a live in shed/stables and started planning the house build – until we both realised that now is the best time to do something important for us and our kids…. so next year in march we will head off sailing!  

I’ll be back to see you and goal setting after our sailing adventure.  

Thank you for the great advice!  

The diary is my reference book, planner, organiser, checklist….. horse health scheduler….. lesson planner…. ! Did i mention that I love that diary?” – Kirstin

Last But Not Least… My 3 Best Selling Ebooks

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world! I have just been living in the Northern Hemisphere and I understand it’s cold… very cold, snowing, wet and did I mention cold!

The great thing is you can sit by the fire place, or by the heater and enjoy all the videos, audios, books and manuals and still learn. I’ve had many breakthroughs inside in what I call my cove (the corner of my bedroom surrounded by heaters with my riding diary and computer… away from my horse!

Sit back and read these ebooks to absorb even more knowledge, tools, training tips and techniques so your 2018 will be amazing for you and your horse!


When You Get Your Ultimate Riders Easter Hamper Today You’ll Receive…

  • My premier program Dressage Mastery Academy Part 1
  • Competition Mastery Part 1
  • FearLESS Mastery Part 1
  • Goal Mastery Part 1
  • My 3 Bestselling Ebooks
  • All the bonuses I’ve thrown in for you this Easter!


I am really excited to present this Ultimate Easter Hamper for you this Easter! It’s the best of all of my programs that will have you excelling in all areas of your riding.

When you purchase this Ultimate Easter Hamper you’ll automatically be subscribed to our most popular program, Dressage Mastery Academy. This program is a monthly program that takes guides riders from Dressage Basics to Grand Prix or anywhere in between.

You’ll receive this program at a special monthly price of $49 a month instead of $79, an Easter special just or you – saving you a massive 38% every month!

If you’d prefer to receive any of the other programs instead of Dressage Mastery or do not wish to continue with Dressage Mastery, simply just email us let us know within 30 days. Otherwise we will assume you are loving the program like most riders, and you will automatically receive Part 2.

I am 100% confident that you will get so much out of this massive Easter Hamper and that it will transform you riding going into the new year.

Have a wonderful Easter and I hope you get to enjoy some time with your horse on the holidays.

I look forward to helping you further on your riding journey in the new year and sharing with you even more videos and riding tips to help you out.

To Your Success,

Natasha Althoff

P.S. You can have the results you dream of. You just need to know the system that gets results and take action.

P.P.S. Remember, this is a special action takers price, so jump in to make sure you get yours today.