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Would you like a system that makes learning and riding dressage easy, understandable and most importantly fun?

Discover the system that has already helped so many riders worldwide finally understand dressage and make massive progress in their riding.

Make sure you watch the video above until the end and learn about the system I have created. You never have to feel alone and lost in your riding again.

Hi Superstar Rider,

Like you, I also love horses and riding. I always wanted to be a Grand Prix dressage rider but I found riding hard, frustrating to understand and I didn’t really know what I was doing most of the time.

I finally got to Grand Prix through hard work and persistence and made every mistake in the book along the way.

Now it is my mission to help you and have you understand and enjoy your dressage journey.

I have created a system I personally use and teach my clients to train any horse, from a pony to a Friesian, anywhere from the basics to Grand Prix in a systematic and easy way.

This system has greatly improved the quality of my riding and the speed that I progressed through the grades. But, perhaps most importantly it brought back the immense enjoyment of riding and learning together.

Even more excitingly, my clients have also been making incredible advancements in their riding from this system. They stated that riding was fun again and couldn’t wait for the next instalment.

I want to continue to help riders across the country and worldwide achieve their dream dressage results, so Dressage Mastery Academy was born.DMA Tash teaching

What makes the Dressage Mastery system unique is the use of two training scales. You may have heard of the German Training Scale. If you don’t know what the German Training Scale is, it is a very famous system used by European riders to train dressage horses.

What I have done is intertwine this scale with the Rider’s Success Scale that I have developed. The Rider’s Success Scale is based on what I believe riders need to learn, develop and master to be the riders they need to be to train their horse in the German Training Scale.

The German Training Scale is fantastic, BUT if you are not the rider required at the levels of the scale, the German Training Scale will not help you in your training. However, pairing the Rider’s Success scale with the German Training Scale is guaranteed to deliver amazing results.

I continually get great feedback from my clients about the way I teach and how I explain the dressage principals so clearly. This is because I am not just a dressage rider. I am a trained Performance Coach, IICS Sports Coach and human behaviour specialist being a NLP Master Practitioner and Master Matrix Therapist. This means I have been trained in how to communicate in many different and subtle ways to ensure the message gets through, no matter who you are and how you learn.

We are all unique and we all learn differently. That is why some people get it and others don’t. I make sure when I am teaching a concept that I help you understand it at least 100 different ways. This will ensure you will understand the concept and more importantly be able to implement it and change your riding. In turn, you will improve your riding and get results.

To Your Riding Success

Natasha Althoff

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Dressage Mastery Academy

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Dressage Mastery Academy is a Revolutionary Online Training Program that Takes You Step by Step from Basics to Grand Prix in a Fun and Easy Way.

Dressage Mastery Academy is broken down into modules with each module comprising of 6 lessons spread over 6 months. This provides you with enough time to consolidate the lesson and module before progressing to the next one.

In each lesson you will receive:

  • Easy to understand explanations of the principals to be learnt in that lesson.
  • A ridden demonstration of the months lesson by Natasha with commentary explaining what she is doing throughout the entire ride.
  • Natasha giving a lesson to a rider on the month’s lesson. You’ll be able to identify with common hurdles and difficulties that may come up at each lesson and how to overcome these. Natasha will use all the tools she has to ensure that the rider is able to understand and apply the techniques to mastering the months lesson.
  • A workbook so that you have notes to read and tasks to complete whilst you watch the monthly lesson. This will really ensure you understand what you are learning and that you have a quick checklist to consult before you go out to ride.
 Dressage Mastery Academy is a 10 module training program. You will learn how to progress from the basics all the way to Grand Prix and get massive results.
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Yes, Natasha, I want my first month of Dressage Mastery Academy so I can start improving and get more enjoyment from riding immediately.

I understand my initial investment for the Month 1 and all the bonuses will be $49.

For this you’ll receive Month 1 of the program that contains over 1.2 hours of video footage and a 24 page manual so you have the notes with you.

You will also receive the 5 additional bonuses valued at $288 which include:

  • Free Membership to Dressage Insider
  • Priority Dressage Mastery TV questions
  • Access to the private Facebook group hanging out with other like minded riders where you can share questions and results
  • MP3 of Month 1 of Dressage Mastery so you can listen to it whenever and wherever you like.

Following this, I understand that after the 30 day trial month is over my membership will automatically continued and my credit card will be billed at $79 per month. I also understand I cancel or downgrade at anytime (simply by sending an email to

Click the Join Us button to get started today for just $79!

I want you to experience what so many others are and to start improving your riding dramatically today.

Riding has never been more fun and enjoyable with this program. The lessons are easy to follow and you’ll be able to go out immediately after watching them and perform the same movements.

The Bonus FREE Memberships provide you with around an additional 1.5 hours of video every month and will truly accelerate you riding results and provide you with the answers you are looking for in your riding.

You can downgrade your subscription at any time to Dressage Insider, to catch up on lessons that are taking a little longer, and recommence when you are ready to continue. This is a subscription program, so if you cancel your membership you will no longer have access to the program. However you can downgrade to Dressage Insider to keep your access to all materials already received in Dressage Mastery!!

I look forward to supporting you in your dressage journey so you can have fun while you progress and achieve your riding goals.

To Your Riding Success,

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Natasha Althoff