How Do I Ride A Corner Properly?

Hey Superstar, we are about to discuss how to ride a corner properly!

It’s very important to ride the corner properly!

Keeping your horse straight, especially in the canter, is the hardest thing you have to do and really good question to ask because you know that you need to keep it straight.Firstly – you have to use your corners at home in training because that’s where the horse will be made stronger.

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Happy New Year!! Here’s to an epic 2019. Let’s make it epic! Everyone promise everyone comment below. I will make 2019 epic, because that’s what I’m going to do.

I have a super question today – How do I ride a corner properly?

Loving these questions guys!! It’s very important to ride a corner properly. So here’s how I used to ride corners, got nothing to do good. Got nothing to do. Got nothing to do. Okay. Maybe I better go do some work. Maybe now I’ll actually start riding my horse. I loved corners because I thought they were a nice little, you know, in dressage test, but I never say in the corner do something (sometimes they say canter) but normally the corner is where you’ve got nothing to do and then you’ve got to do stuff when you start going down the long side.

But the corner is such an amazing exercise to get the hrose more through, more straight, more supple, more engaged. So you can see the difference with that corner – look at his hind legs. So when I do a normal circle, the hind leg really doesn’t need to activate that much to get around the circle. Sure – it has to do a little bit rather than a straight line, but look about when I ride into this corner – now, now, now, now that hind leg needed to do some serious work.

So firstly you’ve got to use your corners at home in training because that’s where you’ll make the horse stronger. Also they’re such a great suppling tool.

Every circle I do, I come around and sometimes I have to counter bend, but sometimes I can leg yield through the circles. So push his hind legs into the circle, pushes his hind legs into the circle and have a really nice softer horse that’s coming out of the circle that’s ready to go across the diagonal, or ready to do a canter transition or whatever it has to do.

So even in trot I’ll do one crappy corner and you can see that the corner doesn’t do anything crappy, crappy, boring. And then this corner, we’re going to use it as an opportunity to supple him, activate him, get him ready and you can see, I’m so much more ready to do something.

Then in the canter – so I’ll do another crappy corner, nothing happening. His head even came above the bit. Whose horse’s head comes above the bit in the corner and then here, using the inside leg, activate, activate, activate. And then he just feel so much stronger and better prepared to do whatever it is that I want to do.

So make sure you use your inside leg. Make sure you work your horse. Why horses put their head up in the corner is a corner’s hard when you’re riding a young horse, you do full arenas – you don’t ask them to do 10 meter circles. A corner is a half, 10 meter circle. So the horse will put his head up and go, oh, this is really hard. Or in the canter it might break into the trot.

So the corner is where you have to do more work and work harder. And then on the short side you can relax. A little bit. Well – if you were to relax anywhere, relax on the short side, not the corner. Have an amazing 2019. Let’s make it all happen. Remember if 2019 is your year to get your riding results, I have a free web class running for you. You can check it out now. It’s how to be a Grand Prix dressage rider in only three rides a week. It’s free for you. Go check it out and I’ll see you soon.