How Do you Do A Great Shoulder In?

Dressage Mastery TV Ep235

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Hey, riding superstars!! Today I’m going to answer the question: How do you do a good shoulder in?

This is the amazing black superstar Wessel. Wessel is, the best horse I’ve ever sat on, which is really, really cool. And he’s black. So then that’s just an added bonus! Some friends of mine have made it possible that I have him to ride for the next little bit, which is so, so, so, so cool. So everyone has to say thank you because I always asked, oh, would it be possible if I could use him for some DMA episodes because I reckon everyone will get so much value from watching him go watching me figuring out his little tweaks and little things because he’s so cool to ride. If I make a mistake you can all see it. Isn’t that awesome if you get to see all my mistakes and hopefully learn from them. So that is Wessel’s introduction!

Today I wanted to help you guys how to do a really good shoulder in. So I never really worried about this with a Friesian, because on a Friesain, it’s really wide. They don’t like to bend. They’re pretty blocky. So you just kind of sit and forget you put them into the shoulder in and they’re in shoulder in. It’s really, really great. Then I started riding Wessel and I realised – we have a problem. So here is me riding a normal shoulder in how I used to ride it. I’m going on the center line to exaggerate my mistakes. But what happens is I push the quaters out, is that so this is not shoulder in. See how I’m not in shoulder in, all I did was push the quarters out!