Thursday 17/05/2012

“Life is like photography, you use the negatives to develop”

Love that quote right now! 🙂

Hands up who is going through a testing situation right now?

I’m sure most of you can put your hands up, you see – most often if life there is something that is challenging us. Thankfully!!!! If we didn’t have challenges we are probably dead!!!! 🙂

The trick is to use those challenges to our advantage – not our detriment.

How did you learn to walk? By not walking 🙂 The negatives you experienced in learning how to walk were what taught you how.

Do you remember learning rising trot? I do! Oh my god! So hard! I have to go up and then I have to go down, and I was always out of time, and plus you wanted me to keep my hands still – good luck! And look up and put my heels down and keep my stomach in and elbows in!!! Ahhhh!!!! Too hard! Riding at that time was a negative – I couldn’t do it! … But in those moments of ‘can’t’ I learned ‘can’ and now look how easy it is!

What in your life right now are you experiencing negatively? What is life kicking you in the guts with and saying haha – no you can’t do that?

Get excited!!!! Those learnings, those moments, they are teaching you and developing you into the person who can do it! Who will experience it positively once you develop the negatives, just like an amazing photograph 🙂 

To Your Success,

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