We want to explain the reason behind this blog… Natasha wanted to explain why she hesitated in her EQ life interview after the Christoff Hess Masterclass last weekend at the Melbourne 3 Day Event on a question about the future! – She is now 13 weeks pregnant (and just wasn’t able to announce it yet)! – Your Riding Success HQ

I LOVE goals, actions steps and plans that are as detailed as a daily plan right through to a 10 year life plan and 100 year life plan.

In 2011 I did my 10 year plan and had planned in the year 2013 we would have our first child.

I am very excited to share with you that Phil and I are expecting our first child on 23rd December 2013!!!! – Of course I am planning it will be on the 16th December; just to give us some more time before Christmas (insert cheeky wink here).

Tash and Abe June 2013

For those of you who know me personally, know that I have had pregnancy losses in the past and to maintain this pregnancy I was placed on aspirin and progesterone which worked perfectly… Of course my Obstetrician strongly encouraged me to refrain from riding and every appointment would check in that of course I wasn’t riding – which I replied – what answer do you want to hear?

The fact is I felt sick – unless I was riding; I felt tired – unless I was riding; and I felt and still feel more unbalanced and uncoordinated walking around then I ever do riding. I am only riding Abe – my one and only horse that I feel 100% connected to. Of course I know accidents can happen but if you know me – I am more likely to slip in the shower than anything else!

People have asked me if I think they should ride when they are pregnant and I say – how could I dare have an opinion on it! Only YOU know how you feel, your body, your horse, your baby. You know what is right for you. Trust that! I trust myself perfectly – right now I feel sensational when I ride – it feels right and safe and I am in my happy place. If or when that changes, I will change accordingly. I have no goals, no agendas, no I ‘have to’ ride to a certain time or date. I ride if I want to ride. I walk if I want to walk and canter if I want to canter. I don’t compete because I can’t do my pants up or get my jacket to close!! 🙂 Other than that riding is a choice I make with no pressure to do it or not do it in any particular way.

Tash and Abe June 2013

Of course I have plans though! I plan to be riding straight away! So in 2014 I will compete at small shows in either late Jan or Feb and look forward to competing in Dressage with the Stars in March. I will be there also for Nationals and Victorian Dressage Championships as I unfortunately miss them this year!

As always I approach my goals and plans with the acknowledgment that they do change, but also knowing without any goals or plans I won’t get to where I need to be 🙂

I trust your riding and goals are right where they need to be, and you are having as much fun as I am with the riding 🙂

To Your Success,

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P.S. Keep smiling! 🙂