Competition Success Stories

I came to Natasha because I felt like I was stuck in a rut with my riding and I wasn’t progressing… in the last 8 months I have gone from lower grade 3 level to grade 2, and our test results jumped up really high in percentages really fast. I now understand what I need to do to progress. We had a goal to get to grade 3 and win at TTT… but we ended up pointing out of grade 3 a week before the TTT and had to do the hardest 2 tests for grade 2 and placed 8th in one of the tests which I was over the moon and blown away about! 🙂

If you are stuck and not getting what everyone is telling you… not getting the results but still wanting to do it, then make sure you join one of Natasha’s programs. Natasha understands that everyone learns in different ways, and so she teaches the same thing in all different ways so that everyone can understand and learn.

Natasha’s program helped me in all aspects of my life, and not just in my riding.

It was great having all of Natasha’s support throughout the whole journey with me 🙂

Thanks Tash!!!!
Chantelle West

“In three months after joining the program my scores improved from 53% to an amazing 70%!!”


I decided to join the “Riding Success Program” after becoming tired of receiving the same poor dressage scores and reading the same judges comments time and again. I had set myself goals but had no idea of how to work towards reaching them. With a young family, my riding time is limited and I wanted an effective training program that provided direction and motivation.

In three months after joining the program I have improved from scores of 53% to an amazing 70%! I am thrilled! But the best part of the program is that it gives you the skills you need to assess your riding and respond to the situation. Not every ride is wonderful, but I learn something new each time.

Thanks Natasha!

Tracey Earle
Your Riding Success Program 2010

“I can’t thank you enough Tash for the tools that you have given me. The depth of the learning and how far we were pushed was fantastic!”

Jo McKell

“I am really excited about my journey this year and beyond!! :)”

Tammy Shepherd

“I now have direction with all of the new tools I have thanks to the workshop.”

Lynn MacIntyre

“I love your approach it turns theory into practice.”

Kerry Walker

“I now have the self belief and the feeling that my goals are attainable!”

Susan Taylor

“The first moment that I met Natasha I knew that I had made the correct descision. Her energy, enthusiasm & positive vibe made it a great experience…”

Simone Gibbs

“Thank you for taking the time to ask about us! I really enjoy your enthusiasm and candor…your accent is awesome also! :)”


“Natasha has so much to offer, & is an extremely helpful & positive mentor & I am really looking forward to the rest of the year!!”

Danielle Pooles

I’ve had a lot of lessons on how to sit on a horse but not so many people can teach you how to change your mindset. Thanks Tash, for allowing me to dream BIG DREAMS, for saying it was OK, and showing me the way to make them happen.

Libbie Rogers

“I really want to say a huge thankyou to Natasha – the effect that you personally have had on my life is the one of the biggest life changes I have ever had, and it’s all for the better – and it’s not just in my riding.”

Sara Shome

“I loved getting information on how to get what I want – how to set goals and how thoughts, beliefs and values can help or hinder us in achieving our goals…”

Rebecca Paterson

“By going through the exercises and learning how I think, I have unlocked a whole new me ready to go.”

Claudia Gilbert

“I’m enjoying putting it all into action and achieving my goals rather than just dreaming them.”

Marelle Hancock

“Natasha has given me a tool I can use in training and at competition and perform a lot better!”

Charlotte Pedersen

“Being able to have someone (apart from myself) guide me through and past my limiting beliefs and comfort zone is such an advantage.”

Anna Krups

“I am able to understand what I am asking of the horse and understand why we do things.”

Chantelle West

“Something had to change and that had to be me… I think my attitude has shifted and that’s worth every cent.” 

Karen Snow

“I loved the whole thing, Natasha is a fantastic presenter and everything you said was so relatable to me!” – Nicole Caffin

“I’m so very excited to meet you! I would like to say that I love your energy – you and what you have to offer is just what I have been looking for with my riding skills and also helping with my fear.”– Amanda Cole

“You’ve changed my life by giving me encouragement just when I needed it.”

Natasha…. you are amazing.

You’ve changed my life by giving me encouragement just when I needed it.

Thank you just doesn’t cover it.

Caro Ingram

“Wow, I’m so happy I’ve found Natasha and her website – so far every single thing I have read has been inspirational and many, many parts definitely recognisable ;-)”


“I think that it’s so cool that I can learn and interact with someone literally on the other side of the planet about a common interest! I look forward to learning all I can from you!”


Hello, I just want to say, I LOVE your videos. They have been really helpful, and pointing out where I’m going wrong, without you even seeing! …and just helping in every aspect! You’re really positive, I love your way of teaching, and your demonstrations. Hopefully you’ll come to England one day!!”

Emma Ross

“I just wanted to say Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and training know how!”

Susan May

You inspire me!

 It is 3:00 a.m. and sleepless in Surrey, BC Canada, and I am watching your segments on various aspects of learning to ride.  Your optimism is wonderful.”