Wednesday 3/10/2012

I had a super weekend last weekend with my Dream Team, coaching them through yet another level of understanding, and on Sunday we did my favourite day… fear!!!! 🙂

I love hearing what the relationship is to fear before we start the day, and when we end it! I know when you change the way you see or code your world – everything changes! We always look to the external – we want the horse to be better, or we don’t want to be scared of the warm-up with 10 horses, or we want to win grade 4. But what we need to understand is those things don’t change… we can’t change the warm up having 10 horses, we can’t change if we win or lose… but we can change what we think about those things. We can LOVE that the warm-up has 10 horses, or we can feel like we won when we didn’t, because we got a learning experience! Of course you need to learn how to do this, but when you do… everything changes!

That is why I am so excited about my new workshop – Breakthrough to Your Riding Success, as we get to learn and explore how to do that. We also learn about being ok with ‘not knowing’ – I had a wonderful person enquire about the workshop last week. She wanted to come, but wanted certainty. She wanted to make sure she knew what to expect, what we were going to do, and what was going to happen. I completely understand that, but it’s your ‘need to know’ that is stuffing you up in your riding. Riding is not certain. Riding is uncertain. The horse changes constantly and thus requires us to be able to change.

I LOVE change … but that is a deliberate conditioned response in me! I wasn’t born that way! But it’s in my ability to be ok with change that makes me a better rider, trainer, friend and business owner.

I hope to all of you reading this that have been thinking about coming to the workshop – but feel perhaps you can’t because you don’t know what to expect, perhaps you shouldn’t because you won’t know anyone, perhaps you can’t because you aren’t a high level rider yet … whatever BS excuse you have been telling yourself STOP! I don’t want you to come if you aren’t interested, and you are not challenged in your riding. But if you feel stuck, if you aren’t riding as much as you should be, if you are not getting the results you want to have, and if you are not experiencing your riding in a fun and happy way, then I look forward to sharing with you over the two days exactly how to do that. Click here to sign up now for your breakthrough!

To Your Success!

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p.s. – To read more about what Tash does when she faces change, click here if you are a member of Your Riding Success.

p.p.s. – Here’s the link again to join the Breakthrough to Your Riding Success party now!