Beginner Lesson on Trot Canter transitions (with Jazza!)

Hey Riding Superstars, the amazing Jazza was back for Part 2 of his ride! This time he was back to try trot canter transitions! 

In this episode, Tash will walk through Jazza towards being an amazing rider and how does he feel about trot canter transitions. At first, he was focusing too much on his feet but realizes that he needs to focus as well with his seatbones, stamping down and not heels down. In trot canter transitions, you need get faster and faster, remember that your ankle is the shock absorber of the trot movement. So instead of your body moving with the trot, connect your seatbones to the horses back and move with the horse.

I hope you are all keeping safe! Keep well and see you all soon.


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