Hi there super riders!!!! 🙂

I had a super week competing the other week! It felt so good to be on the horse again and back in the competition arena. I was very lucky to take our young stallion out and he did me very proud as he was very brave and easy in his tests. He scored over 65% in both tests and we are already putting him into Novice tests coming up this weekend so having a lot of fun with him.


Abe was Abe at his best. He yelled out to everyone in the warm-up that he was back and did a pretty good Grand Prix with only a mistake in his two’s. The rest was all me letting his piaffe go to much forward and silly rider errors losing me marks for accuracy. Still a win in our first Grand Prix back in the arena is all good and I was happy with the test. 🙂

What I wasn’t happy with was me. My riding without my usual level of finesse. I looked back at the video and had a huge emotional cry doing the whole puddle on the floor – “I can’t ride”, I look like crap, i’m bouncing all over the place, I’m fat and ugly. Now as my husband pointed out, I only had a baby 6 weeks ago, its ok to have a weak stomach and carry a bit more weight. But for me it is all not ok, and needs to be fixed.

Now I know some of you sometimes think like that, the question is what do you do about it?

For me I will not allow myself to be like this. So since then I have ridden without stirrups to engage my core even more and get my seat back to what it was. Then with the weight loss I have gone to the gym three times a week back into my weight routine and eating well to lose the weight.

Coming up into this competition – my seat is better – not there yet but better, I have lost another 3kg so 17.5kg loss with still another 7.5kg to go.

My question to you is what are you doing to correct what you aren’t happy with? Are you ignoring the problem or making excuses? Or are you jumping in with both feet and making strides to making it how you want it?

I trust you are taking steps as I am to having what you want and putting in the work to get it!

To your success!

Natasha Althoff Signature