The 3 Biggest Mistakes Riders Make at Competition

Dressage Mastery TV Episode 152

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Welcome to this weeks video. It’s a first for us here at Your Riding Success to deliver you the first video in the competition series.

In these videos Natasha will show you how you can get better results at competition, have a relaxed horse, a relaxed and calm rider and lots of other tips and tricks that you’ll be able to immediately apply at competition and see results! You’ll love your competitions!!!

Looking forward to helping you out at competitions and hearing about your results in the competition ring 🙂 Have a fantastic week and a safe ride 🙂


Quote of the Week

Your Goals Should be Out of Reach but Not Out of Sight

Welcome to my Office!!

Weekly Wrap Up

   This week Natasha takes you into her new office, where the magic happens!!

Enjoy and have a fabulous and safe riding week 🙂


How to Stop a Strong Horse Without Pulling on the Reins

Dressage Mastery TV Ep 151

Belle Equestrian

Welcome to this weeks lesson! Today Natasha answers a question from a member on how to slow down or stop your horse without pulling on the reins.

You’ll love all the learnings from this video. It’s a great lesson!

We are so lucky to be sponsored by the amazing Belle Equestrian.