Week Beginning 30th April 2018

Weekly Wrap Up 2nd May 2018

I wanted to share a bit more with you today about Your Riding Dreams – my way of giving back to riders and make sure they have the opportunities to live their riding dreams!

Dressage Mastery TV Ep213

How to make sure you do an accurate walk pirouette without the legs getting grounded or the horse stepping out of the circle.

FearLESS Friday TV Ep57

How to make sure you feel confident and have the tools and techniques you need to stay confident getting on your horse.

Monday Minute Motivation Ep118

How to stop procrastinating and stop putting off the less enjoyable steps you need to take to reach your goals! Just do it now!

Competition Mastery TV Ep11

How to make sure you do accurate 20m circles – it’s all about mathematics!

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