Success Coaching

Performance Coaching

I am trained as a Master NLP practitioner, Master Matrix Therapist as well as a qualified hypnotherapist. This means I take on clients over the phone or face to face to overcome certain obstacles holding them back – like fear, feelings of low self belief and overcoming failure. I can also assist to bring your performance to a new level and teach you skills such as slowing time down, embedding goals into your future and a complex art of goal setting to achieve all you want to achieve. I have worked with such riders like Charlotte Pedersen – Grand Prix Rider for over 20 years and Anna Krups who is also a rider and a performance coach. I have also coached the former head of Director of News, TEN 10, Sydney – Graham Cavanagh. I love coaching! I love assisting clients to become all they can be and to go for their dreams. If you want your dream ride, dream horse, dream body, dream relationship, dream life! Super bring it on and lets get to work! Everyone should live their dream life and I am most happiest when I am assisting amazing clients create that for themselves!

    When Natasha first talked about coaching I was a bit skeptical at first. But when she spoke about how beliefs, values and significant emotional events in your past at an early age unconsciously shape your future unless you are aware of them and change them I thought, there must be something in this. I made the decision to undertake performance coaching with Natasha as I felt I needed to do better. At competitions there was something missing. And after our first session I felt that Natasha was very confident and could give me something new to look at.
    I have specifically benefited by performance coaching with Natasha as she has given me a tool I can use in training and at competition to stay in the moment and therefore perform a lot better. I would certainly recommend Natasha to some of my students who are not very confident or a bit hard on themselves. Natasha is more than capable to help them with their confidence and give them tools and techniques to improve their performance.
      Charlotte Pedersen

Grand Prix Rider for 20 years
Member of the Australian Development Squad

    Being a coach myself I totally get the value of coaching, so I was very curious about coaching with Natasha just because every coach has their own style. I loved Natasha’s way of asking questions and giving me room to explore the answers. I really valued getting coaching from a rider, who can relate to the challenges we face in this sport. On top of that, Natasha and I both got our education from TCI, who I trust is the best coaching school in Australia. Being able to have someone (apart from myself) guide me through and past my limiting beliefs and comfort zone is such an advantage.
    It really helped me clarify where things are not working for me (and my horse) and finally make the commitment to change. Having a coach made me much more aware and accountable for my behaviour. Love it! I would recommend anyone who needs help with their mindset or wants to take their performance to the next level to take the step to take on coaching with Natasha. Her coaching is very much focused on helping you getting the results you want to achieve in your riding. She is dedicated and equipped with the skills and the riding insight to benefit every rider.
    Anna Krups
      Medium Level Dressage Rider

Performance Coaching usually goes for 6 weeks. There are currently only 2 spots available but please email to see availability and if coaching is right for you.

Riding Coaching

When I was learning how to ride, I used to employ instructors who would come and give 40 minutes of ‘how to’ coaching and then leave again, which left me the job of figuring it out until the next lesson. I was given no guidance on competitions, warm-ups and how to overcome my own mental barriers to my performance. I was frustrated and felt very much alone.

So, now that I am a trainer I simply cannot train in that manner! When I take you on as a client I want to be a part of your journey. I want to help you set goals and be there supporting you until you achieve them and be there with the champagne when it has been realised! I want to be there whenever you need, whenever there is a question. I have been where you have and I can help you overcome the hurdles quicker and easier than I did. I must be the ‘coach’ in every sense of the word rather than just an instructor who gives 40 minutes of education and then leaves.

I want to give more because I know you deserve more! I am committed and determined to giving you all you need so you can achieve your goals and more. I am certain I will break down barriers that are holding you back, smash through the boundaries of your original thinking and guide you to let go of whatever you need to so you can perform at your optimum level. Whether your aspirations are Olympics or cantering a circle, if it is important to you to achieve it’s important to me. And together we will work side by side to create it.

I only work with riders who are committed to taking their riding to the next level and are ready to work hard to create change and get results. You need to have an attitude of ‘bring it on’, a willingness to play at 100%, embrace new ideas and have a burning desire to achieve your goals.

      When I first heard about Natasha I was worried she may be too advanced for me and my horse. I was also worried she may be like all the other trainers out there I had tried and she wouldn’t be able to help me. I was really looking for someone that could take us on as individuals and be open to different training methods when needed as my horse was a cutting horse before I asked him to be a dressage horse.

I made the decision to start working with Natasha after reading one of her articles in Chaff Chat and calling her up. She was just the trainer I had been searching for. Someone that works on your mind as well as the horse and your training together.

Since working with her I have received so many amazing benefits. I am able to understand what I am asking of the horse and understand why we do things. I also know what I need to achieve until our next lesson as I have her lesson report waiting for me when I get home. When I go out I have her full support and even when I have problems at home she is right there helping me out through emails or the phone. I have never had a trainer before that is there for you all the time not just the lesson.

Since beginning working with Natasha in February 2010 I went from grade 3 with scores of 53% to 58% to winning two grade two tests scoring 63.04% and 69.54% in September 2010. I am so happy with my results and I know I wouldn’t of been able to do it without Natasha’s guidance and support. She has such a great way of explaining things and teaching you.

I would recommend anyone who has dreams of going somewhere with their riding, or wants to learn how to do things properly in a fun, safe environment to see if they can get in with training with Natasha. I certainly am glad she trains me!

Chantelle West
Lang Lang
0409 018 507

There are limited places available for riding coaching, and these are subject to an interview with Natasha. If you are ready to start achieving and would like to know more email for a training package.